Don’t be puzzled by TRIP. Let us help you put the pieces together. This is by far one of the best fundraising programs offered. There is no other program which allows you to receive money off your tuition by buying the things you need!!!

Please take a moment to review how TRIP works:

  1. Purchase gift cards through our TRIP program for any of the vendors listed on the Order Form. You will note there is a % listed next to each vendor. This represents the discount provided by the vendor.
  2. The corresponding % per vendor of your purchases is applied toward your mandatory fundraising fee of $75. Once you meet the fundraising fee, that same % is applied toward a tuition credit. No tuition credit is earned unless the $75 minimum for the fundraising fee has been met. The TRIP Administrators track these amounts and send you semi-annual statements on your purchases and the credits earned. If you do not earn enough credits to cover the $75 fundraising fee, you will pay the remainder of that fee to St. Catherine’s at the end of the school year.
  3. Use the TRIP program year round to make purchases from the vendor list to accumulate your credits. Ask your friends and family to buy as well. You can continue to save for education once your children have graduated from St. Catherine.

Who is eligible for the TRIP program?

  1. Anyone sending their child to St. Catherine
  2. Anyone sending their child to a Catholic High School
  3. Anyone sending their child to College (private or public)

Where do I buy TRIP?

  1. Cash and carry every Sunday 8:00 a.m.—11:00 a.m. at the back of Church
  2. Orders sent to school will be returned on Thursday
  3. Orders dropped off at the Rectory will be returned to the Rectory on Thursday after 3:00 p.m. for pick-up

If you have any questions about TRIP, please contact one of the TRIP administrators or any member of the School Board.

See forms below for further information.