Mrs. Chris McElroy (Sub for Mrs. Gordon)

Week of November 4:

8th Grade:

English - We are continuing with our essays -- the next due date is  Wednesday, November 6 - 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs.  So far everyone is up to date! Yay!

Vocabulary - We will start Unit 6 on Wednesday.

Social Studies - The Emancipation Proclamation--it's a little hard to understand.  They students read a copy of it in Read Works, and now it is time to dig into what it all meant!

Religion - Everyone finished their Gifts of the Holy Spirit Books.  There was some beautiful work!  Next up is the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  I like to do these back to back to keep them separate.

7th Grade:

We have been taking notes and practicing with adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and interjections.  Everyone needs to have their independent practice in their notebooks for a check in.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday after a review on Tuesday.

Week of October 28.

8th Grade: 
English:  We are starting our essays on myths and urban legends.  The students have been given due dates and the paper  is due completed on November 12.  They have also been given the rubric to refer to.

Vocabulary:  Test on Unit 5 on Thursday, October 31.  Extension activity due on Friday, November 1.

Social Studies: - We are looking at the Who's Who of the Civil War

Religion:  Gifts of the Holy Spirit books were due on Monday, October 28.  We are now looking at the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

7th Grade:  

We have finished our Compare/Contrast essays and are will now be working on grammar skills.   Quiz on sentence vs. fragment on Wednesday October 30.  We will be reviewing on Tuesday.‚Äč

Eighth Grade Confirmandi:


The Mass of Enrollment for our 8th grade Confirmation Candidates and their parents is this Sunday (10-27) at 9:00.

Parent and Candidate, PLEASE arrive early to sign your commitment forms in the church vestibule BEFORE Mass.

Eighth Grade Homeroom

8th Grade!  Please check Classroom for Religion  and fill out the Google Form ASAP.  It should take just a couple of minutes.

My first week here at SCA in Junior High English is under my belt, and I'm quickly getting acclimated to the school again.  My experience last year was so positive that when I was approached for this position there was no way I could say no!  SCA is a vibrant, active school and the my experiences so far with the students has been beyond positive!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  I check my email several times a day, so I should be able to answer in a timely manner.

Thanks for all of your support!