Classroom Policies / Info about Subjects

Each student has received a sheet in their assignment notebook with categories about personal responsibility, academic responsibility, and categories for behavior.  Please review this sheet for any checks received during each trimester.  

Grades are added to PowerSchool weekly.  I will do my best to try and add grades when I have an opportunity.  

In my classes, my grades are point based.  Each subject is not weighted.  The exact amount of points for tests, quizzes, class assessments, projects, homework, and seat work will vary depending on the subject.  My tests, quizzes, and projects will receive more  points.

Any students absent from school have the amount of days absent to make up their work.  

Mrs. Enders, Mrs. Rimkus, Mr. Stonis, and myself require the students to have all quizzes and tests signed and returned two days after receiving them.  

In religion class, the students complete the chapter reviews to help study for chapter tests.

In science class, the students receive study guides in advance for Science quizzes and tests.  Students use the IXL Program in Science to work on various skills throughout the school year.

In vocabulary/spelling class, the students can use SpellingCity to practice their weekly words.  SpellingCity information with their USER ID and Passwords are found in their assignment book.

Points are deducted for work turned in late.

Extra credit is offered during each trimester.  Extra credit is offered on science quizzes, for completing Mass reports in religion class, and for completing vocabulary cards in each unit.

Grading Scale for SCA:

93-100 = A

85-92 = B

77-84 = C

69-76 = D

68-0 = F