General Information

Monday Computers 9-9:40

Tuesday P.E. 9-9:40, Spanish 10-10:30

Wednesday Music 11:20-11:50

Thursday P.E. 9-9:40, Art 10:30-11, Library 11:10-11:50 

Friday 8:30 Mass

Due to the late lunch time (12:00 - 12:40 p.m.), children will be allowed to bring a snack.  We will have a short snack break around 10 a.m.  Please consider healthy choices.
No food items are allowed for birthday treats. Pencils or a class book donation may be alternative suggestions.  There are 22 children in our class.

Grading Policy:

Grading Scale:

  • A  -  93 - 100%
  • B  -  85 - 92%
  • C  -  77 - 84%
  • D  -  69 - 76%
  • F  -     0 - 68%

Grades are posted on PowerSchool.  Extra credit work may be assigned at the end of the trimester in order to bring a grade within a D range.  Extra credit work will not be an option for grades falling within the B or C range. Extra credit/bonus points are often given in math and science.

Any failing tests will require a parent signature. 

Homework will be counted as a grade for SOME assignments. All assignments must be completed on time in order to receive full credit.  Late assignments will lose a point for each day late.
Late homework will result in an "oops" slip. Students must have the note signed by a parent/guardian and return it with the completed assignment the following day. 

Links  Choose the green book. 

Consequences for Negative Behavior

1st-Warning  [Please keep in mind this is given after other measures have been tried, such as redirection, proximity, student-teacher conference, etc.]

2nd-5 minutes away from group + reflection sheet

3rd-10 minutes away from group + reflection sheet + call to parents 

4th- Mrs. Kehoe intervention + meeting with parents+ Behavior Modification Plan

If a behavior persists, parents will be contacted and we will all work together to decide what is best for the student depending on the situation. 

Unfinished Work:  This is work not completed in class, usually because of poor time management skills.  Enough class time is given for the average student to finish the assignment.  If you are seeing multiple subjects being done as homework, your child is probably having difficulty getting started on a task, staying focused, or using free time wisely. If this continues to be an issue, please contact me so we can figure out a better way to handle it.

Test Review:  Students know at least 2 days in advance of a test.  They are usually given a study guide or review so they know what concepts to focus on for the test. There is never a surprise, the students always know when a test is coming and what concepts/skills will be assessed,

**Scholastic Class Code: TM2QC