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Freddie the Frog 
is a great book series for our early childhood and primary grade students.

They learn about the elements of music from Freddie and his adventures:

**(Check Mr. McNIchols' Freddie the Frog Page for links to online activities!)

Treble Clef & Bass Clef
These symbols help students learn how to read music pitches:
Image result for treble clef bass clef

Quincy the Quarter Note 
is an example of the "Land of Music" characters that
the kindergartners how to read, speak, sing, and play rhythms!

(In the spring, kindergarten students make a music book featuring the "Land of Music" characters.)

These pitched tubes allow us to make music:

These woodwind instruments allow students in 3rd/4th grade to apply their music reading skills, and helps to prepare students who might be interested in joining band: