Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
We are beginning our research paper unit this week. We will be selecting teacher- approved topics on a prominent historical figure and the contributions they made for future generations.  We will be taking a short field trip on Wednesday to the Oak Lawn Library to gather books and learn of the resources the library provides.  Outlines and working thesis statements will be constructed in class.

7th Social Studies: 
Focus is on the Executive Branch.  We are conducting a simulation of the President's Cabinet, as well as exploring the Electoral College and Election process.  A quiz on this branch will be given on Friday.

7th Vocab: 
Unit 6 workbook pages- due Wednesday, Jan. 16
Extra credit cards and test- Thursday, Jan. 17
Spelling test & extension activity- Friday, Jan. 18

8th L.A.: 

Our study of Shakespeare and his play "Macbeth" begins this week.  Students will be reading assigned roles in class, watching film versions to help interpret the text, and listening to audio versions in order to understand the tone and mood.  Students are required to have a designated binder and notebook for this unit as many handouts and analytical notes will be provided.