Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
Our end of the year unit centers around the Harlem Renaissance.  We will be looking at poetry, literature, and music from writers of different genres and styles.  Students will complete various activities within groups and individually, such as "blackout poetry," author study, and more.

7th Social Studies:
Our unit focusing on American Heroes centers around the 1st four American Presidents: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.  Students will be provided guided notes for each of the 4 American Heroes, as well as complete in class assignments to enhance knowledge of their presidencies and achievements.  A unit test will cover all 4 Presidents studied.

7th Vocab: 
Unit 12 workbook pages due 5/1
Extra credit 5/2
Test: Friday 5/3
Extension- story using 15 words due Friday 

8th L.A.: 

Students are working in groups on non-fiction murder mysteries.  Real news articles and stories are provided for students to delve into.  Comprehension and analysis questions are completed after each article, as well as mini-projects such as a criminal/suspect board.