IXL Science

1.  The questions are leveled to you according to your pre-test and progress on assignments  

2.  The final grade is curved based on the class score.  

3.  Before you start the assignment, open up the lesson in another window.  Read it, and keep it open while you are answering the questions.  ALL the answers can be found in the lesson!

4.  Please work towards a Blue Ribbon for the category.  I will add another 5 points if you earn all blue ribbons.

5.  If you fail the Study Island, I will allow you the opportunity to make it up only if I see that you spent a reasonable amount of time on it (yes I can see the time you spent on the lesson and all the questions;)

6.  If 30 questions are not completed, it will result in a check mark on the incentive card, points dropped from your grade, and no curve for your grade. The assignment gets disabled after the due date and time.  So, there's no doing it later.

IXL is a great supplementary tool to reinforce what we are learning in Science.  It is aligned with the NEXT Generation Standards and the Common Core! Please use this wonderful resource our school so kindly pays for, not only what's assigned but the other materials on there.