**All assignments listed are due the next day.

***Some textbooks may be needed for homework.  Please do not write in the textbooks.  Please keep the textbooks away from snacks, food items, siblings, and water bottles.  Three book socks are needed to cover the math, grammar, and social studies textbooks.Thank you for your cooperation.

**Unfinished class work may be added as homework.  The students are aware of this when the assignments are discussed at the end of the day.


**Vocabulary Test Practice:  Please check out the website https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com   (Click on the green book.) for word practice.

____________________________________________________________________________________ Scholastic Book Order Class Code:  GPQ8X

Week of September 9 - September 13



    -Reading:  Review story vocabulary (ached, concentrate, discovery, educated, effort, improved, inspired, satisfied) on Practice Workbook p1.[This page should be in student's portfolio.]  Reread "Wolf" for short multiple choice comprehension test Tuesday. (Students will be allowed to look back in the story.  Please don't write in our brand new books.)

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Tuesday.  Test on Chapter 1-Lessons 5-9 on Friday.  (ixl skills A1-A7; A9-A11 may be helpful. [Skills A8, A12, and A13 should be saved for the next chapter.]  Skills B1-B6; B7-B8; especially B3-Place Value Names up to Hundred Thousands may be helpful review. Skip B9 at this time.]

    -SS:  Matching test on oceans and continents on Friday.   (Students may review the maps in their SS book for practice.  There is a great app for ipads called iLearn Continents)

    -Spelling:  Pretest on Unit 2 words on Wednesday.
    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due the next day. Test on Chapter 1-Lessons 5-9 on Friday.

    -SS:  Matching test on oceans and continents on Friday.

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Thursday.


    -Math:  Test on Chapter 1-Lessons 5-9 on Friday. (Study Guide:  Review place value up to hundred thousands; value of digit [ex. 34,529 the digit 3 is worth 30,000]; compare/order large numbers; rounding numbers to the nearest tens' or hundreds' place. Please review returned workbook and supplemental sheets.)

    -Spelling:  Test on Unit 2 words on Friday, if necessary.

    -SS:  Matching test on oceans and continents on Friday

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Monday. Practice concepts presented in class on ixl.
    -Planning ahead:
    -English:  Test next week on the 4 types of sentences, subject/predicate, and complete sentence or fragment (Unit 1 in text)
    -SS:  Reading a Map test next week (G pages in beginning of text)

    -**Happy (Early) Birthday Claire! 9/14/19

    ​Topics covered last week:
    -Place value, standard and expanded form, number patterns, comparing numbers, rounding numbers
    -Types of sentences, sentence fragments, correct punctuation
    -Inferences and context clues; character traits; fantasy genre
    -Continents, oceans, globe, map
    -Reading a map:  map title, map key, locator map, landform map, grid map, cardinal directions
    -Science safety, inventing
    -The Old Testament, Bible, Act of Contrition prayer