Class Notes

Reading/Language Arts
We are reading about how families depend on and work with each other as we wrap up the first unit.  We are looking at expository text, asking and answering questions, and identifying key details.

*Spelling words - phone, dolphin, watch, trophy, rough, photo, tough, laugh, phonics, orphan
*Challenge spelling - rough, biography, stretch, apostrophe, switch, laughter, dolphin, elephant, tough, alphabet
*high frequency - other, right, says, understands, work
*vocabulary -  check, choose, chores, cost, customers, jobs, spend, tools

We will finish and review our chapter on place value as we prepare for our test on Thursday.

The children will receive the sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday!  They have taken home some general information to help them get ready; please let me know if you have any questions.
We will continue working on chapter 7 (the 10 commandments), and will plan on having our test next week.  

Social Studies
Our social studies test is this Tuesday!