Brag Tags

Brag Tags
Classroom Behavior Management 
Brag Tags! 
Brag Tags:

Brag tags are incentive tags that your child can earn for positive behavior and choices that he/she makes during the school day. The tags are kept in their individual drawer or placed in their book, that is kept at school. Brag tags are not meant to take home. At the end of each month the students can trade their Brag Tags in for treasures from the treasure chest or Lunch bunches with the teacher. Brag Tags are earned when the teacher notices a choice or behavior that is done by a student that exceeds expectations. Brag tags can be earned for many things. Some of these may include: Following Rules, Helping Others, Good Listening, etc. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement in my classroom and this is one method that we will use this year to encourage the positive choices and hard work. I encourage you to ask your child what he or she did each day at school. At first, he or she may have a difficult time explaining everything they have done, but you can ask specific questions to begin the conversations at home.  
  • Did you have a good day at school? 

  • What was your favorite part of the day? Why? 

  • Who are some of the kids in your classroom? 

  • Can you remember any of their names?
  • Were you being a good friend? How were you being a good friend in school? 

  • Did you make any good choices in school today? What were they? 

  • Were you following the rules in class? Tell me what rule you followed? 

  • Did you sing any songs today? 

  • Did you listen to any stories? What was the story about?