Study Skills

Study Skills

Study Skills

Reading~  The children will start taking home ABC books and their Decodable books, please have them read these books to you. It is important for you to ask them, that while they are reading their books to you they use their reading fingers. This means they point to each word as they read. Inform them that, "Good Readers" read from left to right. The students Sight Words are in the Decodable books and it's great to review the sight words in context. We have been busy using the iPads during guided reading lessons as well. In using this piece of technology we are able to reinforce the reading skills learned. The kids love them!  We are working on a reading strategy called, "Eagle Eye," this means to look at the pictures to figure out the words, and "Lips the Fish," this means the students get their lips ready to say the first sound in each word, and "Stretchy the snake," this means to stretch the words out slowly and put the sounds together to figure out the word. Use the Stretchy given at parent teacher conferences. 


Sight Words~ Students will have a short list of "Sight Words" every month that they should study at home periodically. You can cut the words out and use them as flash cards or play sight word memory. The plastic around the paper will hold even when cut. 

 How To Play:

To play, lay all cards face down in the middle of the playing area in a grid fashion (rows and columns). Place them face down. Take turns selecting two cards and turning them over. The child reads the word and collects the cards if they match. If they don't, he/she turns them back over and play continues with the next player. When a player makes a match, he/she gets to take another turn. Continue playing until all matches are made.


 Practice numbers 1-20 



Religion~  We are reading Bible stories building a relationship with Jesus. 

Please read with your child for 15 minutes each night. This encourages good reading skills for your child and is truly beneficial for them to see what, "Good Readers" sound like. Thanks again for all your cooperation and support. It is wonderful to work as a team!