April 23-17
This week we will have a unit on the Three Little Pigs! We will continue to discuss Spring. 
Letter: Ww
Number: Review 

Reminder: Mother's Day Event is May 10th (Thursday) from 8-9. Our end of the year celebration is May 31st. 

April 16-20
This week we are talking about Spring, weather, and bugs! Last week we explored the Hungry, Hungry Catepillar and we will continue that theme as well. We will make butterflies, enjoy a garden sensory bin, as well as do some bug yoga! 

Theme: Spring/Bugs
Letter: Vv
Number: 10

February 19-February 23______________________________________
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! 
Theme: Dental Health
Letter: Pp
Number :5

This week is all about teeth! I am sending home a sticker chart for kids to mark when they brush their teeth. Students had fun using it last year, and when it is complete you can send it back in and I'll give the student a small prize. We will be painting with floss, talking about healthy foods, and read a story about a shark that loses his tooth!

February 12th- February 16th                                                                     

Hope everyone had a fun snow day on Friday!

This Week at a Glance:
Theme: Valentine's Day
Letter: Review
Number: Review

Tuesday the 13th: Valentine's Celebration-- You can send in cards/treats. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Wednesday the 14th: Ash Wednesday: Preschool will receive ashes before the all-school mass. We will also continue our Valentine's celebration. You can send in your cards and treats on this day if need be :) 

Thursday the 15th: Dismissal at 11:30 and conferences from 12-4. Please return the signed form about conferences. 

Friday the 16th: NO SCHOOL

Monday 19th: NO SCHOOL

February 5-February 9_______________________________________
Theme: 100 Days/Valentines
Number: 4

This week we will have fun participating in lessons that help celebrate 100 days of school! We will also start on some of our Valentine's Day projects. 

Future Dates:
- February 15th: Early Dismissal (11:30). Parent Teacher Conferences (parent or teacher requests). Forms for requests will be sent home this week. 

January 29-February 2_______________________________________     Theme: Groundhog's Day
Letter: Nn
Number: 3

This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week! We will also be discussing Groundhog's Day (Spring can't come soon enough :)) Thank you for sending in milk cartons! Our igloos are all built so no need to keep sending in. Granfriends Day is this Friday from 8:30-10:30. We will have toys, games, and crafts for students to play while visiting with their special guests. 


January 22- January 26  ____________________________________________________
Theme: Frozen/Hibernation

Letter: M/N


This week we will incorporate some of our favorite characters like Elsa, Ana, and Olaf into our learning activities! We will also explore the concept of hibernation. Ice experiments, music, and many stories will make for a fun week!
Reminders & Dates

-Please continue to send in milk cartons (rinsed and cap attached)

-Turn in any Grandfriend’s Day forms (Preschool is not having a separate event this year)

- This Friday, January 26 , we have an early dismissal at 1:00 p.m. (Still send a lunch. Students will not have rest time on this day).

-  Sunday, January 28th, is our Catholic Schools Week Mass (9:00) and Open House (10:00-12:00). Feel free to stop by and see our classroom!

 * Just as a heads up I will not be here this Tuesday, January 23

January 15-19_________________________________________________
Theme: Snow
Letter: M
Number: 1

This week we will explore snow! We have a nice snowy Tuesday to start! Our main story will be "The Mitten" by Jan Brett and "A Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. We will make snowy pictures with shaving cream, practice story sequencing, and more. 

-Please continue to send in milk jugs for our igloo construction :)  
-Grandfriends Day is Feb 2! Please send in forms (If you do not normally attend on Friday, your child is welcome to arrive with grandparents and participate)

- Catholic Schools Week Mass is Sunday, January 28th at 9 a.m. 

January 8- January 11___________________________________________
Theme: Arctic Animals
Letter: Ll
Shape: Review

This week the students will engage in fun crafts, read-alouds, and science exploration of arctic animals. After the long break, we will spend some time reviewing rules and adjusting back to the classroom. 

-We do still like to get outside when we can so please keep that in mind and send necessary clothing. We are promoting independence when putting on jackets, gloves, hats, etc. Please encourage your child to try themselves at home as well :)

-Igloo construction has begun! Please send in empty and rinsed out milk gallons. We will use them to assemble two igloos the kids can enjoy!

NO SCHOOL next Monday for MLK day!

December 17th-December 21st ___________________________________
Theme: Christmas
Letter: Review
Shape: Star

Important Dates:
Wednesday: Polar Express Day! Please send students to school in their pajamas!
Thursday: Classroom Christmas Party! Early Dismissal at 1:00 p.m! Please send a lunch, but no snack necessary (it will be provided at the Christmas party). 

Hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy and healthy New Year :) 

December 4-December 8

Theme: Gingerbread Man
Letter: Jj

This week we will read a variety of gingerbread man stories, explore our senses with gingerbread, and make some fun gingerbread crafts!
*Please let me know of an allergy concerns for gingerbread cookies :) 

Important dates this week:
Wednesday: Santa's Secret Shop (please send money and specifications on what children can purchase or how much they should spend). 
Thursday: Field Trip to Beverly Arts Center to see Mrs. Clause. We will arrive back at school at 12:00 p.m.---half day students can be picked up upon return at noon.

November 27-December 1
Theme: Kindness
Letter: Ii
Shape: Rectangle
This week we will review letter Ii, shapes, and adjust back to the classroom after our long break!
*The Christmas show is December 3rd at 12:30 in the Church- Feel free to invite any family or friends!
* Please return any field trip forms!
November 13-17

Theme: Thanksgiving
Letter: Ii
Shape: Rectangle

As we close in on our last full week before break, we will be talking about all things Thanksgiving! 

November 16th (Thursday):  Report cards will be sent home and we have the Book Fair. Please send money or check specifying the amount your child can spend. An adult will be helping each child at the fair!

Parent Teacher Conferences are November 21st! I look forward to meeting with you. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy break! 

November 6-10th:

Theme: Veteran’s Day
Shape: Triangle
It is hard to believe it is already November! This week we will make a soldier craft, talk about the American flag, and continue practicing letter H! We will also start practicing our dance moves for the Dance-A-Thon on Friday!
Special Days: 
November 10th : Dance-A-Thon; Hot Dog lunch will be provided
November 16th: Report cards will be sent home
November 17th: Book Fair/Vendor fair
November 21st: Parent Teacher Conferences
*Christmas Show: December 3rd

-The preschool time slot for the Dance-A-Thon is from 8:30-9:15. All are welcome to join. Students who do not normally attend on Friday’s are welcome to meet us for the fun! Dance-A-Thon t-shirts will be sent home this week. If you did not order one, your child can wear whatever!
-Thank you to all those who helped out with the Halloween party! The students had a blast!
Any questions about up-coming events please let me know! 

September 11th- September 14th:
Letter B
Theme: Colors
Religion: Jesus Welcomes Me packet from our religion series

Reminders: You can send in any picture forms from now until picture day (September 20th). 

Announcements: We would like to welcome Margo Chakinis, a student in Mother McAuley's "Little School" program into our classroom. Miss Margo will be here every MWF for a while learning about child development and teaching!  

September 18- September 22
Letter: C 
Theme: Apples
Shape: Circle 
Religion: Continue Jesus Welcomes Me packet

Reminders: Picture Day is this Wednesday, September 20th! Please make sure to send in any orders!

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Caden and Shay this week!! 

As part of our apple theme we will have an apple tasting this Thursday. Please let me know if you do not want your child participating in the tasting!  

September 24-September 30
Letter: D
Theme: Apples/Fall
Shape: Circle
Religion: My Teacher Welcomes Me packet

Special Days: Thursday, September 28th is a beach dress down day 
                        Friday, September 29th is a Spirit Day (SCA clothes/colors) and we will have a pep-rally at 1:30  

October 2-October 6
Letter: Review A-D
Theme: Pets/Fire Safety
Shape: Square 
Religion: St. Francis of Assisi (Blessing of stuffed animals)

NO SCHOOL: Friday, October 6th and Monday, October 9th

Reminders: Dance-a-Thon forms, send in any pictures of family pets via email or in their folders, and please make sure to send a stuffed animal on Wednesday, October 4th!