5th Grade Science

Week of Jan. 20-24th

Homework:  Classwork not completed
Friday Project due- historical storm event
(see project tab for details).
Next Week Tuesday or Thursday-Quiz ch. 11-vocabulary and skill sheet

Classwork:  We are studying ch. 11-Weather Patterns & Climate

Monday: no school 

Tuesday:  Less. 8 Severe Storms-Complete vocab. defns pg. D74, Read pgs. D74-81 and Chromebook research-project

Wednesday:  Finish Less. 8 Severe Storms: readings, Q's, and ws

Thursday:  Severe Storms-yesterday's ws corrected.  Final print facts/pictures for storm event project or turn in poster if completed

 Collect poster project-Less. 9 -Climate:  1 key term defn, begin readings. pg. 82-91