Teachers in grades 5-8 are now posting their homework to the following website:

Week of 3/16- 3/20

Grade 7 White:
This week, please complete reading, "The Giver" and answer questions on Google classroom. This will be due Tues 3/24

Grade 7 grey:
Read, "Sally Ann Thunder and Whirlwind" pp. 714-719.  Complete questions 1-4, 7 and 9 on p. 720. Complete Vocabulary Practice and Vocabulary in Writing on p.721 and then submit on Google classroom 

Grade 8 reading:  
Continue reading To Kill A Mockingbird through chapter 19.  Complete Trial Evidence Chart pp 148-151 in your packet, take a pic of the pages or scan them to Google classroom

Grade 8 Social Studies:
Roaring 20's, Great Depression Google Slides. Can be found in Google classroom

Week  of 3/9- 3/13
***Reminder that new SSR book due by tomorrow at the latest.  Please refer to reminder from last week.
*** Stations of the Cross this Fri!

Thanks to all students for your great behavior on Tues/Wed while I was out ill.

Grade 7 White
Thurs:  no homework.  We will begin Ch 19 on Fri.

Grade 7 Grey
Thurs:  no homework.  We will continue with fable presentations on Fri.

Grade 8
Thurs:  Begin reading Ch 17-19.  Complete packet pages 146, 148-151.  This is not homework.  We will be working on this in class Thurs-Mon

Ch 11 test Fri

Week of 3/2- 3/6
*2nd trimester report cards sent home Th 3/6
** All classes- text talks due 3/9-3/13  AND new SSR book due at the time of the text talk
*** Coat of Arms for Confirmation is due Wed 3/4

Grade 8
Tues:  In class we worked on p.112 in packet. Will discuss in class on Wed, so please complete the writing exercise at top of page if not completed in class
Wed:  Read Ch 12-13 and complete review questions

Grade 7 White:
Tues:  Complete grey/color posters
Wed: Test corrections/parent sig, if necessary.  Read chapters 16-17
Thurs: 1.  Read chapters 16-17  if you did not read them on Wed.  
          2.  Begin 4 Attributes activity found in Google Classroom.  It is not due until end of class Fri 3/6
Fri:  Complete 4 Attributes

​Grade 7 Grey​:
Wed:  Find 3 fables of folk tales.  Write down the names of these and the website you found them.  *We will be using these for an activity so choose stories that are of interest to you. 
Thurs:  Begin fable/folktale activity found on Google classroom.  Final project will not be due until Wed 3/11.

​Social Studies​:
Test Th 3/6

Tues:  Assignment 6 due end of class on Wed 3/4

Wed:  Unit 11 due on Th 3/5

Week of 2/24- 2/28
* Jump Rope for Heart Challenge begins Mon 2/24
**  Ash Wed 2/26
*** Grad picture retakes  Thurs 2/27

Grade 7 White
Tues: The Giver Chapters 9-10 questions (can be found in Google Classroom)
Thurs:  Extended response for Freedom of Choice activity
Please be sure your extended response is AT LEAST 8 sentences. 
Fri:  Read Chapters 11-15 

Grade 7 Grey
Thurs:  12 Labors of Hercules Google slide activity due Fri 2/28

Grade 8
Mon:  Complete "Creating Your Own Symbol" brainstorming portion.  
Thurs:  Creating Your Own Symbol due Fri 2/28
Fri:  Read Chapter 11

Grade 8 Social Studies
Wed:  WWI propaganda Google Slides due Thurs 2/27
**** WWI test ​WED 3/4

Week of 2/17- 2/21

Grade 7 White
Tues:  no homework but Ch 1-5 questions in Google classroom need to be shared with teacher.
Wed:  Please SUBMIT Ch 1-5 questions
Thurs:  Complete paragraph, if not completed in class, and share on Google classroom. Read chapters 6-8 and complete the questions in Google classroom.

Grade 7 Grey
Tues:  Complete reading, "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and complete Literary Analysis sheet

Grade 8
Tues: 1.  In class, p.78 "Considering Multiple Perspectives" was completed so please complete if you were absent today.
 2.   Read chapters 6-7 in To Kill A Mockingbird and complete p.74 "You Never Really Know A person Until...."
Wed:  Read Ch 8.  Complete: Quick Write p. 86, the rest of Check for understanding p.80-81, and Outline pp. 82-83
Thurs:  Read chapters 9-10 in TKAM and answer corresponding questions in packet

Grade 8 Vocabulary
Test Thurs 2/20