***** 8th grade progress reports were mistakenly not sent home today. They will be sent home tomorrow (Friday 1/17)
I apologize for the inconvenience

Week of 1/13- 1/17
Grade 7
Test on The Monsters are Due on Maple Street is Tues. 1/21

Grade 8
Test on The Lottery ​is Tues 1/21

Test Fri 1/17

Week of 12/16- 12/20
Things to remember: 
*High School registration forms need to be turned in
** Secret Santa Fri 12/20
*** Christmas party  Fri 12/20!!!!
**** 10 yr. pics need to be emailed to me by Fri 12/20
***** Saint report due Thurs 12/19

Reading Grade 7 grey
Mon:  Complete reading Hatchet

Reading Grade 8
Mon:  Outsiders "Wanted" poster due Fri 12/20

Week of 12/9- 12/13
****  High School Registration form needs to be turned in ****

Reading  Grade 7 White
Mon We begin reading A Christmas Carol this week
Wed:  Practice your part for A Christmas Carol

Reading  Grade 7  Grey
Mon:  Read chapters 11-12 in Hatchet
Wed:​  Complete 11-12 Comp sheet if not completed in class

Reading  Grade 8
Mon:  We have read through Chapter 10 in The Outsiders.

We will begin watching the movie this week and testing
before Christmas break 

Social Studies  Grade 8
Mon:  Lincoln's assasination
Civil War test Thurs 12/12

*** Saint report is due Thurs 12/19.  Please see Google classroom page for details
Week of 12/2- 12/6

Grade 7 White
Tues:  In class, read A Crush and answer comp questions. Complete for homework
Thurs: Vocab and literary analysis. Quiz on Mon 12/9

Reading Grade 7 Gray
This week we will continue reading Hatchet,​ complete vocabulary, and complete chapter reviews for chapters 7-9
​Reading ​​Grade 8
​Tues​: complete comp questions 4-6
​Thurs​​:  Outsiders chapters 7-8 and comp questions 

Week of 11/18- 11/22

*** Food drive!!!!! Bring something for our sister parish, Our Lady of Guadalupe 

Grade 7 White
Mon:  vocabulary worksheet

Reading Grade 7 Grey
​Mon​:  Ch 3-4 comp questions
Wed:  Ch 3-4 "fix" and complete Ch 5 comp questions
Thurs:  Ch 6- complete reading and answer comp questions

​Reading​ Grade 8
​Mon​:  comp questions Chapter 2
Thurs:  Complete reading chapter 5 in The Outsiders

Week of 11/11- 11/15

************Fri 11/15 Book Fair!

Unit 6 Vocabulary Test

Reading Grade 7 White:
Mon: Read, "Amigo Brothers" and complete Literary Analysis wksht
Tues:  none
Wed:  Complete Literary Analysis wksht for Amigo Bros
Thurs: none

Reading Grade 7 Grey:
Mon:  none
Tues:  none
Wed:  Ch 1 Hatchet and comp questions
Thurs:  Ch 2 Hatchet and comp questions

Reading Grade 8:
Mon:  none
Tues:  none
Wed:  Ch 1 Outsiders and comp questions
Thurs:  none

Social Studies:
Mon:  If not completed in class, read pp. 486-489. Complete chart on NO/SO strengths and reasons for war.
Tues:  Why Did They Fight? wksht
Wed:  ma
p activity and War Leaders wksht
Thurs:  Instruments of War wksht

Week of 11/4- 11/8

Mon  biography due Wed 11/6
Tues  biography due.  Please submit to Google classroom

Mon none

Mon  test Tues 11/5

Tues  Sections 1 and 2 review sheet
***  Gifts of the Holy Spirit book due Fri 11/8

​***Cyber safety presentation on Wed 11/6

Week of 10/28- 11/1

Mon:  Jackie Robinson test on Tues 10/29
Tues:  top 3 ideas for your biography

****** New SSR book required by Mon 11/4

READING Grad e 8
Mon:  Zombie Apocalypse due end of class Tues 10/29
***** New SSR book required by Mon 11/4
****** Thurs 10/31 we begin The Outsiders

​Mon​:  Study packet sections 1-3
Tues:  Study packet sections 4-5

VOCABULARY-  Unit 5: due Wed 10/30

Week of 10/21- 10/25

READING Grade 7:
Mon:  questions 1-16 on 42 movie question sheet
Tues:  questions 17-26 on 42 movie question sheet
Wed:  questions 27-33 on 42  movie
Thurs: questions 34-44 on 42 movie

​READING​ ​Grade 8:
​Mon:​ none
Tues:  Complete Facebook vocab. activity
Wed:  "The Run" series 6
Thurs:  "The Run" series 7

​Thurs​:  Confirmation sections 1 and 2


The Mass of Enrollment for our 8th grade Confirmation Candidates and their parents is this Sunday (10-27) at 9:00.

Parent and Candidate, PLEASE arrive early to sign your commitment forms in the church vestibule BEFORE Mass.

Hospitality follows.

Week of 10/14- 10/18

READING Grade 7:

Mon:  no school
Tues:  Complete Reading , "The Noble Experiment" and complete vocab/comprehension worksheet
Wed:  No homework!
Thurs: None. Enjoy Holy Fire tomorrow
**Quiz on The Noble Experiment is next week
*** 42 on Mon 10/21

READING Grade 8:

Mon:  no school
Tues:  "The Run" Series 4 questions
Wed:  "the Run" Series 5 questions
Thurs:  Facebook vocab. rough draft
** Roots  movie on Friday

READING  Grade 7:

We begin a new autobiography about Jackie Robinson this week.  We also started our new beginning of class routine to increase comprehension and critical thinking skills.  
Mon-  10 vocab words for "The Noble Experiment" about Jackie Robinson:
camouflage, capitalize, disillusionment, eloquence, insinuation, integrated, retaliate, shrewdly, speculate, taunt
Tues- none
Wed- none
Thurs- none (HS visits all day!)
Fri:  Movie permission slip

READING  Grade 8:
We begin our new story, "The Run," which is about the zombie apocalypse. We also started our new beginning of class routine to increase comprehension and critical thinking skills.  
Mon:Read series 1 of "The Run" and answer 10 questions
Tues: none
Wed-  Series 3 of "The Run" questions.  **Due Fri 10/11
Thurs- none (HS visits all day!)
Fri:  Movie permission slip

Continuation of pre-civil war
Mon:    Slavery Compromises packet-  1.  p.1 Read excerpt from Uncle Tom's Cabin​ and complete the 5 questions on that page.  2.  Using p.2 about the Missouri Compromise, complete the 6 questions on the question page in packet
Tues:  Using Compromise of 1850 worksheet, complete questions 7-13 in packet
Wed-  pp. 468-472. Questions 1-5 p. 472 if not completed in class
Thurs- none (HS visits all day!)

Unit 4 due Wed 10/16
Test on Unit 4 Fri 10/18

Please complete the Liturgical Service for Confirmation form posted on Google classroom