Please check with Ms. Leen for math and English assignments.

Friday, March 27
Reading: video lesson with questions on Edpuzzle link
Vocab: Unit 10-12 Review.. use book!

Thursday, March 26
Science: Read TrueFlix Energy Chapter 2, complete Google Doc -- For some reason this did not work for the students. It asked for a username and password which I do not have. Sorry for the confusion today.
Social Studies: Two slides for Midwest State

Wednesday, March 25
Reading: Chapter 1 Questions
Religion: Chapter 10 Review (on Google Forms)

Tuesday, March 24
Science: Watch BrainPOP, complete flipgrid response
Social Studies: Slides 3 and 4 for Midwest state

Monday, March 23
Reading: complete vocabulary sheet for chapters 1 - 3, Read chapter 1
Religion: Activities on pages 160 - 161

Monday, March 16
Reading: Novel questions on Google Forms
Religion: Read first three pages of chapter 10 and complete activites

Tuesday, March 17
Science: BrainPOP video and Exit Ticket (There is a bonus video on rainbows from one of our favorite science websites who posts weekly videos. This video is optional. It does link a cool activity if you are looking for something to do and have the supplies. Again this is not mandatory!)
Social Studies: Midwest packet questions on Google Forms

Wednesday, March 18
Reading: Scholastic news questions (Students should have a copy of the article from last weeks centers. I will also link a copy of the article in case it was left behind or misplaced.)
Religion: Read the next two pages of chapter 10 and complete activities

Thursday, March 19
Science: Energy Readworks with question set
Social Studies: Slides 1 and 2 of Mystery State

Friday, March 20
Reading: Readworks
Vocab: Log on to Sadlier connect for Unit 12 test (students can use book)