E-Learning Update 4/6
I hope you find each week getting easier. I know it is for me! There is an optional Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 10:00. Invites will be sent to the student's emails about five minutes before. I will send a reminder to both students and parents about this meeting. We have four days of school this week. On Holy Thursday, students will only need to view their homeroom pages. Thursday also marks the middle of the third trimester. Please look at student grades as I have been updating them daily. 

E-Learning Update 3/30

Hard to believe this is already our third week of E-Learning. I had some wonderful Zoom meetings with the reading black group today and will have more with the reading red group on Wednesday. I will send out the times your child chose to Zoom for all future meetings. I have been sending students emails if they had missing work. By the end up the week, I will send an email to both the students and parents of work that needs to be completed. 

E-Learning Update 3/23
On to week two of E-Learning! Thank you for the quick response with the EdPuzzle consent forms. If you did not return the virtual consent, please do so ASAP so I can begin using this with students. I will push out a second email to those I have not heard from. On Tuesday, March 24 i have asked to students to try a log on to classroom at 10 AM so we can meet on Zoom for a meeting. This is just a practice for logging on, and I hope to use this for reading so we can have some discussions about our new novel. As always, please email me with any questions. 

E-Learning Update 3/18

I hope everyone is doing well. Please if there are any questions or concerns, let me know. The kids have been great at reaching out to me if they have a question and in the comments on classroom have helped each other out. I am working on getting some videoed lessons to this students. This is new to me and I want to make sure I have a good grasp on this before putting it out to students. I hope to put my first one out on Friday! Below I am adding a link to Go Noddle at home. It is a website that has short videos for brain breaks. It also offers some yoga type focus videos. Please continue to keep the Schoeberl and Thomas families in your prayers.

E-Learning Instructions -- UPDATED 3/16

As we all know, we will be shifting to E-Learning starting Monday, March 16. We will not be assigning homework for each subject everyday, and we will only be assigning on a day by day basis to avoid overwhelming anyone! This is a learning curve for all of us! Below is a tentative schedule of what to expect each day. 

Monday: Reading/English/Religion
Tuesday: Math/Science/Social Studies
Wednesday: Reading/English/Religion
Thursday: Math/Science/Social Studies
Friday: Math/Reading/Vocab

Google Classroom needs to be checked daily. Students are very familiar with using Google Classroom and many of the tools that go along with it. Students should keep up and complete work on the day it is assigned unless otherwise noted. 

I will also add what they are working on in the homework tab weekly as I would for homework.

I will be available to help from the hours of 8:30-3, checking email frequently. I will check a few times in the evening as well. Students can also ask questions directly on Google Classroom. Please remind students that this is a virtual classroom and not a social media account. They should stick to questions that are school related. 

Hoping things will go along smoothly and we are back in the classroom ASAP! Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns.Stay healthy and enjoy your time together.

Thank you,
Mrs. Brown

Check this page for homework assignments and announcements on upcoming events.