Please be sure to check Google Classroom for more information on class work and homework

Grade 7 Reading

Week of 9/21-9/25
If not in class today, Wed 9/23, please read, "The Hockey Sweater" and complete the story elements chart and comprehension questions that were posted on Google Classroom on Mon 9/21. Be sure to MAKE A COPY of the Google slides story elements chart before you start typing on it.

Mon 9/21:  A.  Listen to Mars Patel Episode 4 and complete through slide 13. 
   B.  Complete 2 more iXL, for a total of 4.

Grade 8 Reading

Tues 9/22:  A.  6 Min podcast episodes 3-5 and corresponding slides (if not in
    B. Poetry Unit slides 4-5 (See Google Classroom)
Due Tues 9/22:  the other 2 iXL.  So, that means you should have completed all  4 iXL 

Due Fri 9/18:   -  2 of your choice, of the 4 iXL assignments
-  "The Crossover" tasks (due at the end of class Fri)
-  Mars Patel Episode 2 questions(if not completed in class)

Grade 8 Social Stud

   Notes on Causes Leading to Civil War (See Google classroom)


Unit 2 due Wed 9/23 
Test Unit 2 test Fri 9/25


Mass reports are due the Mon after mass, so in this case, today, Mon 914.  If they are handed in in after Tues 9/15, points will be taken off.  If you did not attend mass you can still access the live stream on our website and on Facebook.