Grade 6 Reading

Teachers in grades 5-8 are now posting their homework to the following website:


Red Group:

 Good morning,
 For some reason, Readworks will not show the assignment I have chosen for you.
What I would like you to do is type your answers from chapter 15 (Back To The Hub) and send it to me in a Google doc.


Mrs. Rimkus

Black Group:

Good morning,

Please log in to your Google Classroom and then log in to Readworks, and read the article, "Temporary Employment" and answer the questions.

Red Group:
Many of you signed in to your Google Classroom account yesterday to read the assignment. You should have completed the work (packet) for chapter 15. Even if you completed the work, I would ask you to please sign in to Google Classroom. Feel free to leave comments and/or ask questions. 

Black Group:
Many of you did not sign in to your Google Classroom account yesterday. The assignment was to read chapters 13-15, and complete the questions in your packet. If you did the assignment, but did not sign in to Google Classroom, please do so today and leave a comment or question on the chapters you have read.


You will need to sign in to Google Classroom to locate your assignments for today.
Google Classroom Codes:
Red Group: axdijqg
Black Group: 5hgca2j

Black Group:
Complete your packet for chapters 10-12 of, SOAR. 
Red Group:
Your vocabulary review quiz will be next Wednesday, March 18th.

Black Group:
Complete your Readworks assignment.

Red Group:
Complete the questions, details and main idea for chapter eleven. This assignment is due on Wednesday.