Science Fair 2020-2021

Science Fair 2020 - 2021

Please refer to updates on Science Fair on this weblog page as well as your Science Google Classroom page.

On Friday, November 18th, we reviewed information for conducting your experiment from the Science Buddies website:  Science Buddies.

It will be important to test your experiment multiple times or have different subjects at home participating in the Science Fair experiment. Please keep a journal of what happened during your experiment. Additionally, it will be important to take pictures of the experiment for the science fair board.  Science Fair boards will be available at a later time. More details will follow.

The week of November 8th, the students received class time to work on their Science Fair procedure and materials.  The materials and procedure are due on Monday, November 16th.

On Wednesday, November 4th, we reviewed information for the next steps of science fair:  The materials and procedure. - Due Monday, November 16th.  You also received a packet of information for the steps of their science fair to go along with everything we have been learning from the Science Buddies website. - Please see your Science Google Classroom page for an electronic copy of information for the science fair steps.  Time was given in class to begin working on organizing ideas for the science fair procedure and materials.

On Sunday, November 1st, I spend time reviewing additional research as well as the acknowledgement, hypothesis, and variable information.  Grades for completing these steps have been posted.

On Monday, October 26th and Wednesday, October 28th, time was given to work on your Science Fair paper. 

The acknowledgement, hypothesis, and variable information is due on Wednesday, October 28th.  Students that needed to redo their research were given time to work on this step of their Science Fair.  

Sunday, October 25th I have spent time reviewing research for science fair. I want to send this message out to everyone on Google Classroom. Please review your science fair project and your science fair experiment. You will only be able to test people from within your house. If you are unable to test your science fair project as a result of this, you need to change your science fair topic. This is a rule from IJAS due to COVID restrictions. I just learned this information last week and it was also announced during last Wednesday's Zoom.

On Wednesday, October 20th, we went over information for the next steps for science fair:  The acknowledgements, information for the hypothesis, the dependent variable, independent variable, and the control variable.  These steps are due on Wednesday, October 28th. Please log onto ScienceBuddies and review information about the hypothesis, and variables.  

The acknowledgement portion is to thank people who have helped you so far with science fair (this is something that will be started and added to as we continue Science Fair).  By the end of science fair, this should be able 3-4 sentences long.  Please begin typing a description of people that have helped you so far.

The hypothesis should be 2-3 sentences.

The independent, dependent and controlled variables need to be listed.  

On Monday, October 19th forty minutes was given to work on Science Fair.  We reviewed information to help put together your research from ScienceBuddies.  After logging onto ScienceBuddies and clicking on the Scientific Method tab, you will find information that we have reviewed in class to help develop your research.

Forty-five minutes was given during class on Wednesday, October 14th to work on your research for Science Fair.  Twenty minutes of class time was given on Friday, October 16th to work on Science Fair.

Some things we went over from ScienceBuddies to include in your research would be the history of similar experiment or inventions. Also, provide facts relating to definitions of all important words and concepts that describe your experiment. Work on answering your research question by providing quotes from three sources. Avoid using Wikipedia as well as blogs.  After each quote work on describing the quotes in your own words (2 sentences is good). Avoid using I in your research.  In your research you want to provide information about why does your experiment turn out the way it does.  Your two pages of research in your science fair paper is due on Wednesday, October 21st.  

On Friday, October 9th, you worked on gathering research for their Science Fair topics.  You are receiving time in class and will also need to complete some work at home for your research.  You will need to complete 2 typed pages of research double spaced and 12 font.  Also, please begin a rough draft of a Works Cited page.  You will need at least three sources in your research section.   The two pages of research is due on Wednesday, October 21st.  

On Friday, October 2nd
, we reviewed a video on how to develop your research question.  Here is a link to the video: How to write a science question.  You need to work on composing your research question.  Your research question needs to have a variable that can change and something that you will be measuring.  This needs to be completed by Wednesday, October 7th.

On Wednesday, September 30th, we reviewed science fair topics and science fair research problems. Time was spent reviewing how to properly make a science fair research question on Wednesday, September 30th 

Science Buddies Project Question

During Monday, September 28th, we reviewed some previous science fair examples.

The Science Fair topic and research problem needs to be selected and submitted for approval by
 Wednesday, September 30th.  You also need a folder for Science Fair by Wednesday, September 30th.

You can fill out a questionnaire to help determine their Science Fair problem/project title by going to  

September 18th
- A sheet for Science Fair with the steps you will be completing was passed out during class.  Dates will be announced as we approach each step in the Science Fair process.  Additionally, a sheet requiring your research problem/project title needs to be filled out along with a parent and student signature.