Classroom Policies / Info about Subjects

Each student has received a sheet with categories about personal responsibility, academic responsibility, and categories for behavior.  Please review this sheet for any checks received during each trimester.  This sheet will be stapled into the student's assignment notebook.

Grades are added to PowerSchool weekly.  I will do my best to try and add grades when I have an opportunity.  

5 points will be deducted from any homework assignment that is turned in late.  Projects will also receive a specific amount of points off if late, which can be found on the direction sheet.  If an assignment or project is several days late the student will need to talk with me.

Students use the IXL Program in Science to work on various skills throughout the school year.

Extra credit is offered during each trimester.  

Grading Scale for SCA:

93-100 = A

85-92 = B

77-84 = C

69-76 = D

68-0 = F