Assigned Study Island Activities

Assigned Study Island Activities

Science Study Island 

During the school year, you will be using the Study Island Program to work on Science questions.  

  • During Science class, each Study Island lesson will be previewed on our classroom SMART Board. 

  • You will be given several days to complete the Study Island questions from the assigned Study Island assignment.

  • While working on your Study Island assignment, keep the lesson open in another window.  This will help you look back over the lesson as you answer the questions.

  • You will need to complete a minimum of ten questions and a maximum of forty questions while completing each Study Island assignment.  Therefore, you can complete four sets of ten questions for an opportunity to raise your overall grade.  Take your time answering the questions.  You may complete some at one time, log out and complete the rest at another point before the assignment is due.  Before exiting Study Island, be sure to click save session.

  • Your overall grade is based on what you earn on Study Island for up to forty questions.  An exceeds will earn 20/20 , a meets will earn 17/20, a below will earn a 15/20, and an academic warning will earn 12/20 points.  

  • You will earn a check on your incentive card if you do not complete at least ten questions for each Study Island assignment.  You will also lose points for completing your late assignment.

  • At the end of each trimester, I will drop your lowest Study Island grade on PowerSchool by excusing you from the assignment.  

Study Island is a great program for the students to practice their Science skills.  The students answer questions in practice mode for homework.

Any Study Island topic that is assigned for homework will be added to my weekly weblog page.  While working on a Study Island assignment, the students should keep the lesson opened on a different page.  This will help them find their answers.