First Grade News

Welcome to First Grade,Room 113

       Week of January 15, 2018

Catholic Schools week will begin with 9:00 mass followed by open house on Sunday, January 28th. I hope to see everyone there. 

This week we will get our first reading book. Please be sure to read the story every night. When we finish this book I will collect it and hand out another one. 

We will also get a fluency folder this week. Every Monday we will send it home with a new story in it. Be sure to read it every night to a lucky listener. Return the folder with the story in it on Friday and we will pass it back on Monday. 

A look ahead;  The 100th day will be on Monday, February 5th. You may come to school dressed like you are 100 years old. I will also pass out bags for you to put your 100 collection in. Start getting your collection of 100 of something ready now. 

Just a reminder, we go outside every day for recess. The children must have their legs covered up in order to go out. Make sure they have pants to wear along with hats and gloves that are all marked with names on them. This is the season for lost mittens and gloves.  

Please remember to practice your math facts every night. It is so important to master one set so you are able to continue with the next set of facts. Getting behind learning one set of facts will make all the rest difficult to learn.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions you can always reach me at