What's New in Preschool?

Happy Winter!

The cold temperatures don't stop preschool from having fun! We are turning our classroom into a winter wonderland! Mrs. Bonen has been working hard to build our milk gallon igloo. We have been decorating all around to match. Thank you for all the milk gallons!

The beginning of January was dedicated to learning about hibernation. Ask your child if they remember what hibernation means. We made bear caves for hibernating and painted our own hibernating animals. It is so fun to see how creative the students are when given some paper and paint. I loved hearing all about their hibernating animals.  We will continue to talk about winter and learn about arctic animals this month.  

We will continue to focus on recognizing our names and writing our names. We will also keep working on strengthening our hands and using scissors. In January, we will open our "paper cutting" center.  This is always a favorite during our center play time. Be prepared for small snips of paper in the school bags and proud faces as they show you their hard work! 

The week of January 25, we will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week. I want to thank you all for sending your children to St. Catherine's. It is such an honor to work such wonderful children and families!

As our school year continues, please remember that all students develop at their own pace.  To quote social media, "Don't compare your child to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when its their time."
Preschool isn't a destination- its a journey! 


Thank you for all of your support! 

If you have any questions, please email me at sroa@scaoaklawn.org