Weekly Learning

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Weekly Learning! (Remote Learning) 

Week Of  March 24-26
Number Work: 

1-6: Practice counting to 6. Make groups of 6 with blocks, small toys, and paper squares.

Practice making patterns. Use blocks, paper squares, toys, or draw a pattern with crayons.

Writing:  Practice writing name. Highlight your name for your child to trace. 

Ask your child our journal question. Have him/her draw a picture of his/her answer and tell you about it. Write down their description. 

Journal: We are all stuck at home. I am watching many movies. What is your favorite movie? Can you draw a picture of your favorite part of your favorite movie?

Fine Motor:  Use sciccors to cut paper. Remember to keep your thumb up. 
Use Play-doh to make 6 Easter eggs
 Gross Motor: Search Cosmic Kids on Youtube. Pick a yoga story and do yoga as a family. 
 Religion:   Practice the Sign of the Cross. Everyday, share one thing you would like to say thank you to God. 
 Website Enrichment:  - musiclab.chromeexperiments.com - starfall.com -curiousworld.com -pbskids.com

Mrs. Roa's "Learning From Home" Videos


3/18/2020-   https://youtu.be/syIeYv14x4c

3/19/2020-    https://youtu.be/e7IYLFgy9g0

3/24/2020-   https://youtu.be/a-sdhevard0

3/25/2020-   https://youtu.be/wF2KFgMKdRQ