In this section you can find the daily homework assignments and school announcements.

  • Some textbooks may be needed to complete the homework. It is important that these textbooks are kept away from food, drink and siblings. Please do not write in textbooks. If notes or questions need to be made, please write them on a sticky note and place them on the corresponding pages.

  • The Math, Grammar and Social Studies books should be covered with a stretchable book sock.

  • Outside of studying for tests homework will consist of any work that was not finished in class that day. Any work that was sent home is due the next day unless otherwise noted. When we begin mutliplication/division facts, it is strongly encouraged students practice their facts daily for mastery. Students will write down their assignments each day in their planner along with it being posted on this webpage. 

  • Test information will be given out at least 3 days in advance. Study guides will be given appropriately. Tests may not be re-taken for any reason. Specially, reading tests will not require students to study outside of class. Students are allowed to reference the text and any other other related packet/papers. Religion: For the Chapter review pages which are used as tests, students are given time to work with other classmates, may use their book and take it home to have parents review it.

  • Grades will be posted to PowerSchool as students complete assignments/ tests. Please remember that one test does not determine the grade you will receive in the subject. It is very important to read the directions slowly, carefully, and to take your time. 

  • A score of a 60% will be entered into PowerSchool if  a students receives lower than a 60% on a test.

  • Please keep all papers in the portfolio UNLESS they have a grade, check mark or star at the top
  • Due to increase in homework not being returned, students will start getting a 'homework slip' if they do not complete their homework (this will also be in additiont to 5 tickets being taken). This slip will have their name, date and the assignment they missed. Students are to get a parent signature on this slip and return it with the missing assignment the next day. If a student receives too many red slips, they will have a conferecne with myself and either Mrs. Edwards or Mrs. Kehoe to figure out a homework plan.
Week of  Jan 15-Jan 19

Monday January 15
No School due to MLK

Tuesday January 16
1. Study math facts. 6.1-6.6 test Friday
2. Study vocab. Unit 8 test Friday.

Wednesday January 17
1. Study math facts.6.1-6.6 test Friday. Wkbk pg. 69 if not finished in class. 
2. Study vocab. Unit 8 test Friday. pg. 80-85 completed and do tomorrow if not finished in class. 
3. English Test on Adjectives Tuesday (4.1-4.4 in the book). A review sheet was completed and sent home today in class. There are extra practice problems on pg. 162 and 170-173.

Thursday January 18
1. Study math facts.6.1-6.6 test Friday
2. Study vocab. Unit8 test Friday
3.English Test on Adjectives Tuesday (4.1-4.4 in the book). A review sheet was completed and sent home yesterday in class.

Friday December 19
1. Study math facts.
2. English Test on Adjectives Test Tuesday (4.1-4,4) in the book.


Vocabulary: This website offers students an opportunity to study and review their vocab words. Many of these questions are the same format as the ones on the test. All vocab tests will be taken electronically this year. 
https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com (We are the Green Book)

Mathletics: This website offers students an opportunity to study and review math concepts covered in class. Next chapter, students will be assigned Mathletics topics to study. Usernames and passwords are stapled to the inside cover of the planner.

abcya.com Click on 3rd grade, numbers. This website offers games to help strengthen understanding of math concepts in a fun way.