Friday, November 20
* Only students who did not submit their Life in Pilgrim Times research have homework this weekend

Thursday, November 19
* Finish math workbook p. 41-42
* Spelling and vocabulary unit 6 test tomorrow
* All Pilgrim projects due for Monday presentation
* Lay out your spirit wear for tomorrow. Go CHARGERS!

Wednesday, November 18
* Have someone give you a practice spelling test
* Go to vocabulary workshop for Unit 6
* Spelling and vocabulary test on Friday

Tuesay, November 17
* Math - p. 129 - 130, # 1 - 28 - Just put a,b,c,d down for the answer.
* Type your Pilgrim paragraph and turn it in on google classroom

Monday, November 16
* Finish your Pilgrim paragraph
* A good topic sentence, at least 5 supporting detail sentences
* Have a parent proofread and sign
* Practice picture for good copy

Friday, November 13
* This marks the end of the trimester

Thursday, November 12
* practice months of the year for our last spelling test of the trimester
* pack slippers or fuzzy socks for "Flashlight Friday"
* complete character traits page and pack your character bag to share with your classmates tomorrow

Wednesday, November 11
* subtraction math worksheet
* pack a beach towel for tomorrow
* family reading night

Tuesday, November 10
* Practice reading presidential speech out loud
* Find a quiet place to read your chapter book for 15 minutes
* Math worksheet - subtraction test at end of week

Monday, November 9
* Finish campaign poster
* Write out final draft of speech - remember to end speech with your campaign slogan. Speeches will be read Wednesday.
* parent sign book week packet

Friday, November 6
* There is NO official homework this weekend
* Students can design their campaign poster
* Students can add something to their speech
* Students can go on IXL and Prodigy
* Students can research for their Pilgrim report

Thursday, November 5
* Come up with a campaign slogan for third grae president
* IXL diagnostic arena 15 minutes

Wednesday, November 4
* Unit 5 vocabulary test tomorrow
* Get red work folder signed
* IXL or Prodigy practice skills
* You can start gathering notes for the pilgrim project

Tuesday, November 3
* Go to vocabulary workshop, practice Unit 5 test for Thursday
* Use Storywork "The Legend of the Lake Monster" to answer questions from test, # 1 - 8, # 9 - 10 we will do in class
* Explain the Pilgrim report to parents and have them sign the explanation sheet

Monday, November 2
* Read "The Legend of the Lake Monster"
* Vocabulary book p. 54, test on Thursday
* IXL practice recommended skills

Thursday, October 29
* Go to Seesaw. Complete the activity "The Day My Teacher Turned into a Monster"
* Finish math worksheet

Wednesday, October 28
* Finish "The Day My Teacher Turned into a Monster"
* Practice reading story aloud, we will record tomorrow
* IXL - recommended skills 10 - 15 minutes

Tuesday, October 27
* Read "How Coyote Stole Fire" from Storyworks
* Pick 2 different characters to practice their lines from the play
* Practice for spelling test
* Get red folder signed
* Ask about a picture or item for the Day of the Dead table

Monday, October 26
* Read Titanic story from Storyworks Magazine
* Go on IXL or Prodigy
* Spelling test on Thursday

Thursday, October 22
* Log in to Prodigy using your new code in your homework folder.
* Math worksheet p. 28

Wednesday, October 21
* Unit 4 vocabulary test tomorrow
* Have a parent quiz you or go on vocabulary workshop to practice for the test
* Complete Hail Mary crossword puzzle

Tuesday, October 20
* Vocabulary book p. 45
* Vocabulary workshop for practice
* Unit 4 vocabulary test on Thursday
* Math p. 23, # 1-15, 16-20 are extra credit

Monday, October 19
* Students who were absent start make-up work
* IXL recommended skills - 15 minutes
* read chapter book for 15 minutes

Thursday, October 15
* Complete growth mindset activity on Seesaw
* Complete math subtraction with regrouping worksheet
* Practice for tomorrow's spelling test
* Do a recommended activity on IXL

Wednesday, October 14
* Complete p. 2 of Vampire Bats. Make sure that your answers are in complete sentences
* Practice for Friday's spelling test
* There will also be an addition quiz on Friday

Tuesday, October 13
* Go to Seesaw and complete Bats! Bats! Bats! assignment
* Go to vocabulary workshop - Unit 4 - play synonyms and antonyms

Thursday, October 8
* Read the article - Bats
* Complete page 2 after reading the article - Good sentence answers
* Have parent sign powerschool sheet that they saw your grades so far
* Give parents your school pictures

Wednesday, October 7
* Get red folder signed
* Complete math worksheet
* Religion p. 77

Tuesday, October 6
* Go to vocabulary workshop to practice Unit 3 for Wednesday's test
* finish religion and/or math if not completed in class
* read 15 minutes

Monday, October 5
* math p. 16
* religion p. 71
* vocabulary workshop - practice online - test Wednesday/Thursday

Thursday, October 1
* IXL - 15 minutes on recommended skills
* Spelling test tomorrow
* Read 15 minutes

Wednesday, September 30
* Math workbook p. 14
* Book Commercial on Seesaw - We will be viewing videos in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 29
* Math workbook p. 13
* Read 15 minutes
* Show a family member the "Soar" video we watched. I copied the link on google classroom.

Monday, September 28
* In social studies, read p. 8 - 13. Be ready to discuss tomorrow.
* Fill out book commercial form. We will be proofreading the script for tomorrow's recording. If you have a copy of the book - put it in your book bag. 
* Have parents sign and return red folder of completed work.

Thursday, September 24
* Complete reading your chapter book. We will be working on a project next week with that chapter book or another chapter book you've read independently since school started.

Wednesday, September 23
* Vocabulary Unit 2 test tomorrow. You can visit vocabulary workshop online. We are the green level workbook. You can take a practice quiz for Unit 2.
*Religion - Read p. 63 - 65, complete activity on p. 65.
*Tomorrow is out of uniform for $1 for support of childood cancer.

Tuesday, September 22
* Math test tomorrow, review math journal and look over p. 58 from last night's homework. This page is very similar to tomorrow's test.
* Vocabulary Unit 2 test on Thursday. You can have someone quiz you on the words that start on p. 18 in the workbook.
* We did a game review in both subjects today. They did really well during the practice.

Monday, September 21
* Math textbook p. 58, # 1 - 25
* You can visit U.S. Mint for Kids if you didn't get a chance to look at the games and activities.