Thursday, September 17
* vocabulary book p. 21
* adding letter tiles worksheet (use ten vocabulary words)
* spelling test tomorrow

Wednesday, September 16
* Religion - read p. 54-55 and complete activity on p. 55
* Read "Yoon and the Jade Bracelet". We will be sequencing story events tomorrow.
* Go to arcademic skill builders online and go to the grade 3 money games.

Tuesday, September 15
* Complete math p. 7, rounding to nearest ten and rounding to nearest hundred. We'll do the bottom section tomorrow in class.
* Log in to seesaw and choose 1 of the dot assignments - You can do both if you like. We'll be sharing them tomorrow with the class.
* Read for 15 minutes.

Monday, September 14
* Log into google classroom and go to the seesaw link to complete the geography assignment. (If you have difficulty go directly to seesaw.)
* Complete math worksheet
* Tomorrow will be the vocabulary unit 1 retest
* Read for 15 minutes.