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September 13, 2020                                                            

Hello Third Grade Family!

It is another gorgeous day outside! God is good!

I hope several students came home to share their Friday science challenge. It sure was fun to be able to do something that seemed quite impossible at first. This activity was another demonstration that with a growth mindset we can do amazing things! I took some pictures that I’ll get up this week on our webpage.

We celebrated Mass with Fr. Dennis on Friday. It was nice to pray and sing as a community. There was a beautiful video reflection and prayer that was included in the Mass. Sometimes we just go through the motions when we stand and place our hand on our heart in the morning for the pledge. I’m hoping after Friday’s discussion we think about all the people that help to keep our country safe.

We had our first vocabulary test on Friday. Most of the students did well. I wrote another test for Unit 1 that I will have them do on google classroom on Tuesday. I want to make sure we really understand all the new words. The test that they take online is set up just like the workbook. Now that they have taken one, they will be ready to do their very best for unit 2.

Our first math unit is quite long, so I will be quizzing them on the place value and number sense sections that we’ve completed so far. Many light bulbs went on Friday when we did our math lesson with 5- and 6-digit numbers. This week we will be focusing on rounding numbers.

We completed our first chapter book along with reading several short stories. Reminder: I am expecting that every student is reading independently for 15 minutes each night. Try to put that into your nightly routine.

Our spelling list this week will be vocabulary words for unit 2. It looks like our test will be on Friday this week.

In social studies our focus will be on geography. We have located oceans, continents, and states these past two weeks. We will continue with that, but we will add hemispheres, equator, compass rose, and different kinds of maps.

Tuesday, September 15 is International Dot Day. We will be posting all sorts of activities from that day later in the week.

Our religion focus has been on Sacraments of Initiation. We also read about St. Paul and his drive to spread the Good News – even from prison. We noticed on Friday that the first reading was one of his letters to the Corinthians. In third grade there will be many connections that we notice outside of our textbook.

We started our routine of Fast Fact Friday. We review addition and subtraction facts for speed and accuracy. Students love the fast paced competition. This week we went on arcademic skill builders. It is a free site.

I could keep writing. In third grade we learn so much! You should be proud that your children have been working so hard!

I hope that you have a great week!

Mrs. Bucko

September 7, 2020

Happy Labor Day! I hope that everyone had a chance to spend some time outside this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather. What a gift!

I was so glad that our class was able to get on the chrome books and try some of the different platforms that I will be using this year. If students take their ring of codes home please help me out by making them walk it right back into their back pack after they enter the information into the computer. I will be using google classroom for a few assignments this week so that they practice checking their mail and logging in. I have some assignments with links that we’ll practice this week. Thank you for everyone allowing their child time to use Seesaw. They did great on our first two assignments.

Because of our shorter week, our vocabulary unit one test will be on Friday. I want to give extra time for review. I will be giving a spelling pretest tomorrow on number words. I’m finding that students don’t know how to spell words for number of the day. I will do this twice this month.

I’m checking in with all students to make sure that they have something that they are spending time reading 15 minutes each night. It will not be written as daily homework, but it will be expected daily.

I will be updating again later in the week. Thank you for all your support.

Mrs. Bucko

August 28, 2020

Dear Parents,

WE MADE IT!   We survived the first week of school after over 5 months of being out of the classroom.  It has been a transition for everyone, but I thought the third grade did a great job getting back on track. I’ve been so proud of the line up in the morning for check in, movement in our building, dismissal, and keeping masks on. (Not to mention getting used to me)

I will be starting our normal routine, behavior plan and schedule on Monday. I want them to get used to the structure. 

We didn’t get as far as I would have liked with google classroom. Miss Soch will be teaching computer class on Monday morning and making sure that we are good to go. I plan on doing some simple exercises during the week so that we get used to using the program. 

I hope that you got to view the Back to School Night video. I know it was longer than others, but I felt you needed to know more about me and my teaching - this being my first year here. 

I need to have everyone’s email address. I sent a practice email for you to respond to.  I need them in case I need to start sending out group information for the whole class. 

This week we started talking about stretching our brains and having a growth mindset. I will be referring to this frequently. I feel very strongly about challenging ourselves to be the very best. Mistakes help us grow. We have some work to make up from being out of the classroom. I want to make sure we get to where we should be. 

Thank you for sharing your child with me! 

Mrs. Buckoback to school


August 19, 2020
Hello. My name is Patricia Bucko. I am so excited to start a new adventure at St. Catherine this year in third grade. I am originally from Stillwater, Minnesota. I moved to Illinois to marry my husband, Jon, of 28 years. We have three incredible children. All five of us are at home together at the moment. My boys are in college, and I have a daughter that will start at McAuley this fall. I come to you from St. Walter. They have been an amazing family to me for the past 29 years. Twenty-eight of my thirty years teaching has been in third grade. I love my job! Teaching is my passion.  I try to create a classroom space where students love to learn and strive to grow to their true potential. My classroom has always been faith based. I hope to create this same learning environment at St. Catherine. I look forward to meeting you soon!
Mrs. Patricia Bucko

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