Class Notes

Reading/Language Arts
We will start a new section of our "Family and Friends" unit with the theme Families Around the World.  Some of the skills we will be concentrating on are identifying the genre realistic fiction, identifying parts of a story (character, setting and events), root words and inflectional endings, and vocabulary in context.
In grammar we will continue working on identifying complete sentences, as well as commands and exclamations

*Spelling words - read, tuck, clock, instead, deck, knock, feather, crack, sock, wreck
*Challenge spelling - meadow, struck, shamrock, weather, padlock, hammock, attack, treasure, hijack, quarterback
*high frequency - could, find, funny, green, how
*vocabulary - aside, culture, fair, invited, language, plead, scurries, share 

We are working on adding with 3 or 4 addends, practicing substraction strategies, and problem solving strategies.

We are learning about becoming members of the Church and the steps of Baptism.  Our chapter 2 test will be on Wednesday.