Class Notes

Reading/Language Arts
We will introduce a new unit discussing Earth's Forces.  Our first story will be "Magnets Work" as we practice identifying expository text, author's purpose, and learning about similes. 

*Spelling words - hair, farm, dare, soar, glare, garden, fort, dairy, chore, store
*Challenge spelling - particular, careful, carpenter, explore, fortress, repair, carnival, tornado, prepare, coarse
*high frequency - about, around, good, great, idea
*vocabulary - ‚Äčamazing, force, measure, objects, proved, speed, true, weight

We are practicing telling time with quarter hours, am and pm, elapsed time, and estimating time. 

We will finish chapter 13 understanding that Jesus gave up his life to save us from sin and identifying sacrifices that show our love for others.  

Social Studies
We are working on a new unit on the US government
.  We are starting by learning what a government is, citizenship, rights and laws.  We will also learn about local, state and national government.