Weekly Assignments
October 18th, 2021

Reading/Language Arts

We are starting to read "Taking Care of Pepper" this week; our focus is on identifying narrative non-fiction, identifying key details, and text features.

Our vocabulary words are:
allowed, care, excited, needs, roam, safe, wandered, wild

We will also be learning about conjunctions and prepositions.

Spelling this week - final consonant blends
Regular list: sand, wept, gulf, whisk, best, lift, runt, camp, quilt, crisp
Challenge list: dentist, interest, attempt, comprehend, harvest, contest, difficult, intelligent, corrupt, present
High frequency:
after, fast, found, round

We are starting chapter 2 on place value!  We will work on identifying a group of 10 ones as 1 ten, grouping ones as tens and ones, identifying the place and value of each digit, and number words up to ninety-nine.
The children took home a page from their book with some of the math vocabulary we will be using.  

We started chapter 4 on giving thanks and praise to God.

Social Studies
We are learning so much in our history unit!  This week we will continue with settlers, including the Pilgrims, and colonists building a new nation.