Weekly Assignments

May 26th, 2020

Reading/Language Arts

Reading - take your "Fireflies!" test
            - read the Fireflies nonfiction text; fill in the chart
              author's purpose/evidence.

Grammar - choose the correct homophone for each
       - match homophones; write a sentence using
 of each pair (or both!)

Wonders will still be available to make up any missing assignments and tests.

Kids A-Z
Log onto Kids A-Z (RAZ) to continue practicing fluency and reinforcing comprehension skills.
*RAZ will still be available throughout the summer!

Spelling City (10 minutes, 3 days a week)
No new spelling list this week!  Finish your /aw/ list and test if you haven't already.


Skills will be posted under your recommendations on IXL:
-More, less, and equally likely (X.1)
-Certain, probable, unlikely and impossible (X.2)
-Counting equal groups (Y.1)

Skill recommendations for any missing work will still be posted individually; you can also continue to work on any skills to get a higher score.

Sadlier Math
Fractions are in chapter 10 if you would like to use "big blue" to help you practice.

-Finish your science notebook if you haven't already.
*Don't worry if your points don't show up right away!  Since your answers will often be different from each other's, I will put in points as I check through your notebooks.

http://www.classkick.com  or download the app 
login with first initial+last name111 (ex. khess111) 
password - room111

(10-15 minutes, 3 days a week)

Finish chapter 19 - learning how followers of Jesus live in peace and justice.  
- The left hand tool bar will let you search for the chapter.  You can also click on the + to add notes/answer questions.
- The small gray tab on the right side of the screen will let you add a bookmark to keep your page. 

Blest Are We
-Please take the chapter 19 quiz if you haven't already. 
 Click on 'students', 'take a quiz', and select grade
 2/chapter 18.  Email me your results!

Please continue practicing your Communion prayers!

Blessed First Communion