6th Grade Science
Week of March 30th-April 3rd


Finish Past Science Assignments ASAP-these are listed as missing on PowerSchool or Google classroom grades.

IXL time 20 min.-If I marked this as missing-double check that you completed 20 min-you may need to do addt'l skill
What do atoms look like? - Missing a few-submit your answers through Kami annotate or in Google Doc.

Video and Questions: Scholastic Jam site-
Matter and Changes:
Some are missing-please resubmit your answers done on Google Doc. 

Classwork-We are studying unit E-matter.  Students material is on my Google class site; no book is available.  

Monday:   This day is dedicated to E-learning for science and math. Complete past assignments and new assignments on Google Classroom.
This week see: Google Digital Site-Earth Day-Explore a topic for research project (group of 3 or 2 or individually)  The hope is you will collaborate via a digital site with a classmate, prepare a Google doc, site, or slide, and share digitally with our class.
I set due dates for initial stages via our Google Classroom.

Also see: National Geographic Kids magazine with scavenger hunt doc.

Tuesday- no class

Wednesday:  This day is dedicated to E-learning for science.  Continue your lessons past due and posted.

Thursday: no class : I may host Zoom lesson today.

Friday:‚Äč  scientists of week: Colin C. sent me a video experiment to share with our class -I posted it.

Email me if you are interested in getting extra credit.