5th Grade Science

Unit B Lesson 2 Interactions Among Living Things



  Unit B Less. 2 do remaining vocabulary in spiral and Art link pictures 
Google Classroom link-Super Science
Finish Crossword puzzles-Animal defenses

Week of September 16-20th
Homework:  Tuesday (if not completed in class) Lesson 3 outline sheet

Monday:  Super Science magazine-Sloth, mapskill sheet and summarizing article

Tuesday:  Ch. 5 review q's #1-15 on pg. 44-45 (for grade); Less. 3 outline ws

Wednesday:  Cycle of Life: ch. 6 Less. 4
read pg. 48-53 and vocab. defns p. B48 (6 words)

Thursday:  Outline Less. 4 ws, read Biomes pg. B62-68
Friday:  watercycle lab, ch. 5 vocab. sheet review