5th Grade Science

Teachers in grades 5-8 are now posting their homework to the following website:

Week of April 6-10th

Homework: On Google Class-5th Grade Science 

Past Science Assignment
s-Due ASAP for students work listed as missing on PowerSchool or Google classroom-please email me if you are unsure of the requirement (Ducksters and Lesson 2 outline ws).

Classwork:  We are studying Unit E-Matter.  On my Google class site I have posted materials and assignments to supplement our text (Mystery Science, Readworks, , Ducksters, and Scholastic Study Jams).

Monday: E-learning for Science and Math. 

Legends of Learning- Play a game to test your knowledge of Properties of Matter.  (I assigned 3 different things-choose 2).

Lesson 2 -Elements and compounds
Look up 8 vocabulary defns-pg. 20 in your book. 
-you can do these on separate sheet or notebook-(keep for short quiz we will do after break...).

Tuesday:   no class

Wednesday:  This day is dedicated to E-learning.  Complete Google classwork and past assignments posted. 

Shortened week-no science today- There is IXL contest posted on my page-any subject.

Thursday: no class-Holy Thursday

  no class-Good Friday