We use the same list of words for two weeks. One week we have spelling and the following we focus on vocabulary.

For Unit 1:
Spelling Test 8/30
Vocabulary Test 9/6

For Unit 2: 
Spelling Test 9/13
Vocabulary Test 9/20

For Unit 3:
Spelling Test 9/27
Vocabulary Test 10/4

Chapter 1 lessons 5-9: Test Tuesday 9/18
Study Guide:  Review place value (up to hundred thousands); value of the digit (in 34,021, the digit 3 is worth 30,000); compare numbers with >, =, <; order numbers from greatest to least/ or least to greatest; find the missing numbers in a pattern.
Storyworks "The History of Yum" and "Yucky" test 9/21
Reread the story to study. Understand highlighted words. Can use magazine during quiz. 

Social Studies 
Oceans and Continents test Friday 9/21. Study names and locations of the 7 continents and 5 oceans. 

Chapter 2 test on Wednesday 9/19. Complete chapter review to prepare. 

***Info to come