E-Learning 3/16-?

CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR DAILY ASSIGNMENTS This is a schedule of the subjects I will be assigning work for during this week off. We do not know when we will be returning to school so it may change as we go. I will post the assignments each day for what the subjects are. I am available each day (Mon-Fri) from 8am-2pm through email. Please check Google Classroom and email for updates as I send videos, websites, or pages to help explain the work. 

Ms. Svec's Monday Check-in 3/30 https://youtu.be/phkaLgps198

Monday 3/30


Reading- Read “The Boy Who Couldn’t Smile” and “1,000 Reasons to Smile” in your Storyworks Jr. Magazine (pgs. 10-13). 

Math- watch all 3 area and perimeter videos. This will be helpful during our Zoom lesson tomorrow. Complete the easy quizzes on Brainpop Jr. after the videos to see what you know. Explain to someone at home how to find the perimeter and area of an object the best you can. Try to find an object at home to find the perimeter and area of- we will talk about this tomorrow on Zoom at 10am. 

 Brainpop Jr Log in: username: scaoaklawn password: GoChargers5547




Tuesday 3/31

Zoom Meeting 10AM to learn Area and Perimeter 

Math- meet with me on Zoom for the lesson OR watch the uploaded lesson video after the meeting.

Reading-  “The Boy Who Couldn’t Smile”/“1,000 Reasons to Smile” Quiz on Google Classroom. Use your story to help you. 

STEM- Design a futuristic invention of your choice. This item has not been invented yet so it is up to you to decide what it is, how it works, and what it will look like. Draw it on paper or make it out of items in your house. When you are done, record a video of yourself on Flipgrid describing what it is, how it works, and who will use it. Make sure to show us your invention or drawing in the video!  https://flipgrid.com/2ba551da

You must be logged into your SCA email to get into the flipgrid and if it asks you to log in click “log in with Google”. Watch my video to see an example of what I made and how to describe your invention. Click the green plus sign under my video, record a video of yourself, after you record and click next it will take you back to a camera screen, this is for you to take a selfie to go with your video. Take a selfie and then you can submit it. I cannot wait to see all of your inventions.

Wednesday 4/1

Reading- Flipgrid reflection - Go onto Flipgrid. Log in with Google and make sure you are signed into your SCA gmail account. In your video you will explain how a cleft lip affected Osawa and Ella and how they felt after their surgeries. What did you learn from the reading? How did their lives change after the surgeries? What are some challenges they had with the cleft lip? I know we know more about Osawa than Ella but use what you know to answer these questions in a short review/reflection. https://flipgrid.com/5160337c

Math- Complete Area and Perimeter Task Cards: Slide #1-5, we will continue to work on these slides throughout the next few days so do not submit it yet. Complete 1-5 and if you find this very challenging or have any other questions, join my Zoom tomorrow and I will re-explain how to find the Area and Perimeter if necessary. 

English- Write a story using all of your unit 13 vocabulary words. It can be about anything but has to make sense and use all 10 words. It must be at least 2 paragraphs but definitely can be more. Complete your story on the Doc shared with you on Google Classroom. If you know how to, bold or underline or even highlight the vocab words in your story.

Thursday 4/2

Zoom Q&A 10am

Vocab- pg. 136 & pg. 137

Science- Complete the Mystery Science lesson by watching the videos and voting at the end. Once you are done, type up 3 things you learned from this lesson and one thing you are still wondering about: “Why Do Cats Purr?”. Respond on the Doc shared with you. Make sure you turn in the assignment when done. https://mysteryscience.com/mini-lessons/cats-purr?code=6b35a2f1758817babf3eb345d3f93cca#slide-id-5724

English- Watch the youtube video attached about story elements. Then log into iXL. Where we normally would click “math” or “science” now we can use language arts. So log in and click “language arts” under learning. Complete “Story Elements” and “Visual Elements”(Section i and j)


Friday 4/3
Religion- Complete Ch 12 quiz on Google Classroom. Submit it when you are done. This is just like a test in school so you can use your book to help you!

Social Studies- Watch Brainpop video about “supply and demand”. When you are done, go on iXL and on the top where we normally press math or science, hit “Social Studies”. We now have access to this section too. Work on section i about supply and demand for 20 minutes.
If something is not needed or wanted anymore, there is no point in making it. But if more people want it, they need to make and sell more.So for example: Toilet paperNormally, companies make a certain amount of toilet paper to sell at stores everyday. These last few weeks, people have been scared that stores won't have toilet paper anymore so they buy all of it when they can. Now these toilet paper companies were not ready to restock stores that quickly because normally they do not have to. Now the demand is up, meaning more people are demanding more toilet paper, so toilet paper companies have to make more and make it quicker. Some places are even charging more for the toilet paper because they know that no matter the price, people are going to keep buying it because we all need toilet paper. So in our economy today, toilet paper is in high demand so the supply must increase and continue to increase.After this virus goes away and people can go to stores more regularly, the demand will go down and the supply will go down to normal amounts so companies will go back to just making their normal supply to sell to stores. 
Brainpop Log in: username: scaoaklawn password: GoChargers5547

Ms. Svec's Monday Check in -3/23

Monday 3/23

Reading- Read “Enemy Pie” story from Storyworks Jr. Magazine. Complete the first “Continue the Learning Journey” prompt in the Doc sent to you and make sure you “turn in” the doc to me. You can (do not have to) complete the 2nd prompt in the magazine and either mail the letter or email it to a friend. This is a great way to connect while we are away. 

Math- finish fraction packet. Brainpop videos to help with Math if you need a refresher on how to complete the work. I also attached an example from one of the pages to help. 

Brainpop  Log in: username: scaoaklawn password: GoChargers5547



Tuesday 3/24

Reading-Reading- Complete quiz on “Enemy Pie” On Google Classroom. You can use your story. Type your answers under the question in complete sentences and submit it to me when you are done. 

Math- Scavenger Hunt Time!!! **Find fractions in everyday life: Take photos or make a list of items around your house that have fractions or represent a fraction and see if there is an equivalent fraction for those fractions. Send me the photos or list in an email. Try to find at least 4-5 items.

STEM- Make a fort that you can fit under. You can use blankets, boxes, pillows, etc. Whatever you have available. Requirement is: You must be able to fit in it and send me a picture of it with you or someone in your family (with their permission) using it.

Wednesday 3/25

1:00 Mr. Caffee’s Facebook live sing-along on his professional Facebook. 

Reading- Complete “Enemy Pie: Character Changes” on Google Classroom-it is assigned to you. Make sure it is submitted to me when you are done and your email is on the top of the form (it should automatically be there if you are logged into your gmail account).

Math- Watch comparing fractions video. Complete iXL Math section Y 1&2. You can work on Y3 also. This is comparing fractions as greater than, less than, or equal to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5tG_VjLT_U

English- Complete Slides #1&2 on the English Character Traits activity. There is a video on Slide 2 that will help you understand the difference if you do not remember. DO NOT turn it in yet, you will do slides 3 & 4 tomorrow so you still need it. I will do a Zoom meeting Thursday 3/26 at 10am to go over English and answer any other questions.

Thursday 3/26
Zoom meeting 10-10:45am- to review character traits and answer any questions students have, I will post the link here on Classroom a few minutes before. It will not connect you until 10am.

Vocab- Complete pg 134 and 135

Science- Watch the Brainpop Jr. video. Work on Science iXL thermometer 20min (Science Section S1 &2-whatever you can complete in 20 min..Yes you can work longer if you would like)

English- Complete Slides #3&4 on English Character traits activity from yesterday. Turn in when you are done.

Log in: username: scaoaklawn password: GoChargers5547
Friday 3/27
Zoom meeting with Mrs. Franks 10am - Meeting ID 123 380 905
Email her with any questions you may have

Religion- Read pgs 182-185 and complete activities on pgs 183 & 185,
When you are done reading-complete the FlipGrid video activity https://flipgrid.com/8900b6c2
Record yourself reflecting on the readings and explaining who Dominic de Guzman is and the importance of learning about him. You upload the video on the page. It does not have to be a long recording. You DO NOT need a “flip code” you just need to access it through your school gmail account. It will not let you get on without your SCA email.
Click the link and hit "Join with Google"-if you were logged into your gmail account when hitting the link it will connect you right away. Watch my video to hear directions. When you go to record, look under my video and you will see videos of your friends. There should be a big green plus sign, click that and you can record and then take a selfie after and submit.

Social Studies- Read the Story in the first link then take a “virtual field trip” by watching the video. Respond to the “Think and Write” question at the end of the story on the Doc that is sent to you. Make sure you turn it into me.

Monday 3/16
Reading- read “Attack from Outer Space” in the Storyworks JR magazine and email me your response to the "Think and Write" question at the end. We are not sending them in but I want to see your thoughts. You can type your letter in an email or write it on a Google Doc and make sure you share it with me. 
Math- Complete equivalent fraction bar #1 & #2, write the fraction of the colored in areas for the first part and then match that colored area for the boxes under it. These boxes are not the exact same, so write the fraction of what you colored in on the second part for the fraction. I attached an example of the first one on pg. #1 that I did on Google Classroom. Check Google Classroom for the example.

Tuesday 3/17
Reading- Complete quiz on “Attack from Outer Space” On Google Classroom (it will be sent to you as Google Forms). You can use your story. Make sure to type your gmail in the first box or else you will not get the credit for the work!!!! Type your answers under the question in complete sentences or choose the correct answer for multiple choice and submit it to me when you are done. 
Math- Work on equivalent fraction iXL 30min (Section X) You can also work on section W if you want extra fraction review and practice. (After you complete the 30 min of section X) 
Extra STEM challenge- make a leprechaun trap out of materials in your house and send me a picture of it through email! Only guidelines are: you have to have a way to trap the leprechaun and a way to keep him from getting away and you have to write a few sentences explaining how it works to me. 

Wednesday 3/18
Reading- Read “The Fattest Bear in Alaska” & complete the find and circle activity on the bottom of the page-the first story in your Storyworks Jr. Magazine
Math-Complete equivalent fractions:denominator of 10 & 100 in the packet. (front and back) Example of how I did the first one is attached. I used a yellow/orange color to stand out. It is more colored in since I used my computer to do it. Make the pictures match in area colored in and then decide how much is colored in. (either each column is 1, or each is 10 depending on how many squares there are)
English- Respond to the narrative prompt on Google Docs, make sure you turn it into me when it is complete. The assignment document is sent in a separate post. Read the prompt carefully and make sure to include all details. Write 2-3 paragraphs to respond. You can write up to 5 paragraphs if you would like. When completed, make sure you press "turn in" and press "turn in" AGAIN when it takes you to another page. 
Use the BrainPOP Jr. video to help you if you are struggling on how to write about yourself. 

Log in: username: scaoaklawn password: GoChargers5547

Thursday 3/19

Vocab/spelling- Read story with unit 13 words on pg. 130-131. Circle words you already know and underline words you do not know or maybe have heard but do not know what they mean. 
Science- Watch Brainpop Jr. Fossils https://jr.brainpop.com/science/land/fossils/http://
  Log in: username: scaoaklawn         password: GoChargers5547
  Finish iXL Fossils (started in class on Friday...section R). Take your time and read each part carefully. 

<html-blob>Friday 3/20
Religion- Read pages 179-181 and do activity on pg. 181
English- Respond to narrative prompt with a story (2-3 paragraphs) On Google Classroom. Make sure you turn it in through that assignment so you can get full credit for the assignment.
Social Studies- Read the Scholastic News article about Jordan Reeves "Nothing Can Stop Her". Watch the video below the article and read using this link to the website.
***Send me 3 things you learned from the article and 1 question you have for Jordan if you could ask her anything. You can do this on a Doc or in an email to me.