Week 10/18-10/22
English: Unit 3 Verbs- action verbs and helping verbs
Math: multiplication completing pages 37, 38, 39 in class- practice facts at home
Vocabulary: Unit 5 spelling test Friday  homework Monday 3xs each
Religion:  Test Wed.
Social Studies: Northeast region packet completed in class-this will be the study guide
Reading: book report due Friday
Science: edible rock extra credit

Monday 10/11 no school

English: Tues. review for Noun test,     Wed. Test,     Thurs. begin research paper, 
Fri. continue writing paper
Math: Tues. zeros in subtraction p.33 (1-15),  Wed. practice pages 34,  Thurs. problem solving 1-6 pgs. 35-36,  Fri. addition and subtraction test
Vocabulary:  Tuesday making flashcards, Wed. using words in sentences,
Thursday Sadlier,  Fri. unit 4 test
Religion:  completing unit 4 in class
Social Studies:  beginning regions (all work done in class)

English: journaling, nouns, review for test on Tues.10/12
Tuesday homework=worksheet if not completed in class
Math:  Monday- add/sub larger numbers homework p.27 (if not completed)
Tuesday-practice add/sub homework p.29(if not completed) 
Wednesday- regrouping  p.31(if not completed)

Thursday- subtract larger numbers  no exit ticket this week
Vocabulary  unit 4 spelling test Friday  Vocab unit 4 test 10/15
Religion: rosary lesson, begin unit 4
Social Studies: display ballot boxes Monday,  Spanish heritage month information and activities all week.
Reading: read book for book report

English: journal writings and unit 2 nouns. Exit ticket Thursday
Math: Mon. variables and addition & subtraction sentences HW 18,
Tues. mental math HW 19,  Wed. add/sub. money HW 22,
Thurs. problem solving   Friday exit ticket
Vocabulary: unit 3 test Friday  study all week and practice on sadlier
Religion: chapter3 test Thursday
Social Studies:  Ballot box project due 10/4  instructions given Mon. 9/27  classwork: voting, traits to be president, class president election
Reading: book report: read daily


English:  We will be completing an opinion writing unit.  Most of the work will be done in class- some students may have to finish writing for homework during the week. Check assignment notebooks daily.
Math- Mon. addition homework p,15: 11-23,   Tues. subtraction homework p.16
Wed. addition and subtraction exit ticket (it is basic math)
Thurs. review/i-Ready
Vocabulary: Unit 3 spelling test Thursday vocab. test is following week
Religion: beginning chapter 3 Ten Commandments
Social Studies: Branches of government test Wed. use packets to study
Reading: students should be reading 10-15 minutes a day.  Test Tuesday 

English: Journaling,  review unit 1,  test Thursday
Math:     Mon.-compare & order money HW: p. 9 #11-22
                    Tues.-Rounding HW: p.10 #11-24
    Wed.- Word problems
    Thurs.- i-Ready and review
            Fri. exit ticket   

Vocabulary:  Unit 2 packet due Friday, practice tests on Sadlier, test Friday
Social Studies:  Completing Branches of government packet test 9/21 
Religion: continue
unit 2  test Thursday

Students should read 10-15 minutes a day and study throughout the week
Reading book reports will be assigned soon: its not too early to pick a book to use


English: Tuesday- subject & predicate no homework
                  Wednesday- run-on sentences  no homework
          Thursday- review no homework   exit ticket in class
  Friday- 1st chapter Friday: journal,  complete sentences/fragment review

Math: Tuesday: compare & order numbers  Homework p. 6 even
Wednesday: Number line  homework p.7
Thursday:  making change with money   no homework
Friday: exit ticket      i-ready

Vocabulary:  Spelling unit 2  Tuesday write words 3 times each   Friday Spelling test

Social Studies:
 government and 3 branches  no homework

Religion:  Unit 2 no homework

Science & Reading:   no homework

Your child should read 10-15 minutes a night

Week 8/30-9/3

English:  Journal writing completed in class beginning Unit 1 sentences (no homework)
             exit ticket Thursday  on ending punctuations-kinds of sentences

Math:  Place value, millions, estimation, comparing numbers
           Homework:  Mon. page 1 (odd #s)   Tues. page 3    Wed. page 4 
            Thurs. review     Friday exit ticket

Vocabulary:  packets and review all week in class   Test Friday unit 1

Social Studies: government and 3 branches 

Religion:  review unit 1  test Wed.

Week 8/23-8/27

Vocabulary:  Spelling unit 1  Monday write words 3 times each   Friday Spelling test

Social Studies:  government (no homework unless work not completed in class)

Religion:  Unit 1 Creation and the Holy Trinity  (no homework) unit 1 test Sept. 1st

English:  Journaling in class and i-Ready testing

Math: review and i-Ready testing   book work and homework starts next week

Reading and Science:  no homework