Monday 3/30
English- Music Monday and Adverb quiz
Religion-Confirmation in the holy spirit Ch 10 p. 155 read and activity and padlet

Friday 3/27
Vocab test on Sadlier Unit 13
Math quiz- IXL

Thursday 3/26
Math p. 213
Social Studies Immigration trip3

Wednesday 3/25
English- spring writing and drawing 
review p. 251
Religion- poem

MATH  pages  210-211
Social Studies- begin Immigration unit  p. 1 & 2 on classroom
Vocabulary unit 13 test Friday

Monday 3/23
English- music monday journaling, p.250 review
Virtual field trip- write facts
Religion 340-341 activity

Friday 3/20
Vocab- unit pages should be complete-worksheet on classroom
social slides- completed
Math- IXL and measuring items

Thursday 3/19
Math-6-2 page 208-209
Religion-stations of the cross video- write facts about it.

Wednesday 3/18

Religion-Watch video- write down facts
English-Prepositions page 244-245

Tuesday 3/17

Math p. 206-207
Social Studies- slides due Friday
Vocab- quiz Friday.  Unit 13 should be completed by Friday

Monday 3/16
Students should have completed Music Monday writing
English questions
Religion prayer

Week 3/9-3/13
No school Monday
English: research paper due Friday (plenty of class time to complete it)
Math- chapter 5 test Thursday
Vocab- no test this week. Review week and vocab parade Friday

Week 3/2-3/6
English persuasive paper due Monday
Math- p. 69, 70, quiz Friday 
Vocab- ch. 12 Friday
Religion Ch. 9 Wed.

Week 24-28

Math p. 66 & 68 quick quiz Friday
Vocab- spelling unit 12    5 times each
Social Studies- West region test Tuesday

Week 2/17-2/21
Math- Thurs. p. 65  division quiz Friday
Vocab test Friday
English quiz Friday

Week 2/10-2/14

Spelling test Thursday

Week 2/3-2/7
Math- p. 59, 60,  quick quiz Thursday
Vocabulary- unit 10 test Friday
Religion- chapter 8 test Wednesday
English- correcting sentences test Wednesday
Social Studies test- Southwest region- Thursday

Week 1/27-1/31
Spelling test Friday: unit 10

Week 1/20-1/24
Math pages 53, 54, 55
Vocabulary test Friday
Research paper due by Monday 1/27

Week 1/13-1/17
Social Studies test on Southeast Tuesday 1/14
Religion test unit 7 Wednesday 1/15
Math test: chapter 4 Thursday 1/16
Vocabulary: Spelling test unit 9 Friday

Week 1/6-1/10

Math pages 49, 50, 51, 52 Quick Quiz Friday
Vocabulary unit 8- test friday
English- adjectives Quiz Friday
Social studies- beginning to learn about Southeast region

Week 12/16-12/20
Unit 8 spelling test Thursday
Math pages 47 and 48
English research paper due
Have a fabulous week!

Weeks 12/9-12/20
Assignments may change due to holiday activities
Math- 12/9 page 43, 12/10 page 44, 12/11 page 45, 12/12 page 46, 12/16 page 47
Vocab- test unit 7 Thursday 12/12
Religion- Chapter 6 test Thursday 12/12
English- students will continue to complete research paper 
Social Studies- The midwest test Tuesday 12/17

Week of 12/2-12/6
Math p. 37, 38 ,39 ,40
vocab-p. 70-71
vocab test unit 7 Thursday 12/17

Week of 11/18-11/22
Math p. 36, study for test on Friday 11/22
English test Tuesday 11/19 (verbs, contractions: unit 3)
Social Studies test Tuesday 11/19 (continents)
Religion test Thursday 11/21 chapter 5
Spelling test Friday 11/22 unit 7

Week of 11/4-11/8
English: worksheet Monday and Wednesday on verbs, quiz Friday
Math pages 28, 29, 30, 31 quiz Thursday (addition and subtraction)
Spelling test unit 6 Friday
Social Studies: quiz Tuesday on oceans

Week of October 28-November 1
Math pages 25, 26, 27
English- students are receiving a packet on Monday if not finished in class it is for homework
Vocabulary- test Friday
Religion- unit 4 test Tuesday
Social Studies- no homework: we are starting a unit on oceans and continents. Students will eventually need to know all of them.

NOTE: students have been working hard on prayers therefore we will review for test on Monday and have the Religion test Tuesday.

Week of October 21-25

Math- review chapter 2:  test Thursday
Vocabulary: spelling unit 5- test Friday
English: students will complete a writing and begin learning about verbs
Social Studies: test on 3 branches of government Tuesday
Religion- test Thursday chapter 4

Week of October 15-18
Math:  pages 22, 23, 24 
Math quiz Wednesday on adding/subtracting with a variable
Vocabulary test Friday
English sheets Wednesday if not completed in class.

Week of October 7-11
As always check planners for reminders/updates
Refer to Mrs. Brown's page for Reading and Science homework
Math: Lessons 2-5, 2-6, 2-7, 2-8 workbook pages
Religion test Unit 3 on Monday 10/7
English quiz on common and proper nouns Friday 10/11
Spelling test Friday unit 4