Week 10/26-10/30
Math- Last week on subtraction-reviewing zeros with subtraction and problem solving. homework pg. 33, 34, 35 Test Thursday
English- adjectives: making comparisons, good and bad, creating an autumn poem, continuing podcast. No homework
Religion- Chapter 4 test Monday 1-4 wrap up during the week no homework.
Vocabulary- unit 5 spelling homework words 3x each test Friday
Social Studies: Continuing 7 continents and 5 oceans-- test 1st week of November.

Week 10/19-10/23
Math-adding larger numbers, subtracting larger numbers and regrouping. Homework- Mon. 28, Tues. 29, Wed. 30, Thurs.31-Exit ticket Friday (10 problems)
English- completing verb unit quiz Wed. Thurs. beginning adjectives
Religion: Continuing to study The Lord's Prayer- no homework unit 4 test the following week 10/26
Vocabulary unit 4 vocabulary test Friday 10/23. We will spend time during the week reviewing pages and taking a pretest for review. Suggestions-make flash cards, review pages,
Spelling City-vocabulary
Social Studies   no homework-we will begin a new unit and create posters to learn about the continents and oceans of the world. 

Week 10/12-10/16
(no school Monday)
Math- Chapter 2 test Wed. (addition, subtraction, variables/expressions and word problems, Thurs. page 26
English:  helping verbs, irregular verbs, contractions-no homework unless work is not completed in class
Religion:  beginning ch.4 "The Our Father"
Vocabulary: Spelling test Friday unit 4
Social Studies: Completing election unit vocab (multiple choice)
test Thurs.

Week 10/5-10/9
Religion- multiple choice test on the 10 commandment-Tuesday
Unit 3 test Wednesday
Math-  Mon. checking addition and subtraction p.22, Tues. problem solving p.23, Wed. problem solving p. 24 Thursday review/check progress no homework
English:  action verbs, helping verbs, verb tenses quiz Friday
Vocabulary complete packets by Friday (there is class time to complete) Test Friday  students had 2 weeks to study
Social Studies-voting and review vocabulary this week. 

Week of 9/28-10/2
Math: variables, estimations, adding and subtracting- homework pages 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 odd numbers only.
English: podcast, writings, verbs, google slides. No homework unless work is not finished in class.
Vocabulary:  spelling test unit 3 Friday
Religion: Ten commandments test 10/6
Social studies: election and voting. Project given 9/28 due Fri. 10/2 creating a ballot box

Week 9/21-9/25 (no school 9/25)
Math: Homework pages 14, 15, and 16 addition and subtraction
English:  Podcast listening and writings, Nouns. Test  Thursday on nouns (common, proper, and plurals)
Vocabulary: Unit 2 vocabulary packets. Test Thursday
Religion:  Beginning chapter 3 The commandments
Social Studies: Voting and government- ballot box project 9/28-10/2

Week 14-18
Math- Rounding, working with Money, problem solving
lessons 10-13 Homework Mon. p. 10, Tues. p. 11, Wed. p. 12, Thurs. p. 13, Friday -exit ticket: quiz
English- working on Nouns and Opinion writings
Vocabulary- Unit 2. Homework: Mon. write words 3 times each, Friday spelling test
Social Studies- 3 branches of government. Test Tuesday
Religion- unit 2 test Wednesday

Week 9/8-9/11
Math- place value, ordering numbers $ money. Homework p.7 & 8
English- Types of sentences Unit 1 test Wed. 9/9
Vocabulary- Unit 1 test Fri. 9/11  homework Study book throughout the week and complete study packets
Social Studies- Three branches of government (no homework)
Religion- Unit 2 (no homework)

Week 8/31-9/4
Math-place value and expanded form. Mon. pg. 3- Tues. pg. 4, Wed. pg. 5, Thurs. quick quiz (days may change depending on internet)
English- creative writings (no homework), Grammar book- we will be covering sentences, subjects and predicates and run-on sentences. Homework- run-on worksheet Thurs.
Vocabulary- Mon. write words 3 times each, study 12 words throughout the week- Test Friday unit 1 words
Social Studies- 3 branches of government- study notes throughout the week.
Religion- completing pg. 32-36 together. Test Wednesday on unit 1

Week 8/24-28
There is no homework this week. We are doing a few "get to know you" activities, SEL social and emotional learning activities and introducing subjects. We are taking time to make sure students are comfortable with the changes. 
English/writing- writing in our composition books-creative writing, English book pgs. 31-37
Social studies- unit on government
Religion- Creation
Math- evaluating where students are- reviewing place value, addition, subtraction
Vocabulary begins next week with Spelling unit 1- workbook pages done in class.