Just A Note... there will be days when the posted assignments were not covered.  The assignment board and student assignment books are current and reviewed orally each day in the classroom.  The assignment web log will be modified as soon as possible.

Week of 3/12
Spanish pg. 36 due Thursday
Packet due 3/16

Math: WB72
Religion: Bumper Sticker
Vocab: Packet; Vocab test Friday

Math: Red Group: Homework post on Classroom
           Black Group: WB 72

Vocab: Packet; Test Friday

Week of 3/5
IXL Due 3/5 at 11:59 pm
NO POW this week
Packet due 3/16]
Spanish: pg. 34 due Thursday

Math: Ordering decimals WS in Packet; Fraction Unit test Friday!
English: Homework Passes are NOT allowed on the English Assignment
pgs. 136-137 Try It Out and On Your Own 1-13 odd. Write out sentences; underline the adjective; say whether it answers what kind or how many
pgs. 138-139 Apply Its 1-8 Revise Sentences to make 1 sentence 9-14 Revise the report so the underlined sentences are combined to 1 sentence
Adjective WS - Add 2 adjectives 
Vocab: 3x's each; Spelling Unit 11 Test Friday

Math: WB pages to be used as practice problems if wanted to study for the Unit test on Friday
Social Studies: West Region States test tomorrow
Vocab: Spelling Test Friday
English: Opinion brochure due Thursday- Use checklist on classroom to make sure it is completed correctly before turning in

Math: Fraction Unit Test Friday
Vocab: Spelling Test Friday
English: Adjective WS; Brochure due tomorrow - use checklist to make sure everything is correct before turning it in

Week of 2/26
IXL due 3/5
Packet due Friday
POW Friday

Math: Study for quiz
Vocab: Test Friday

Math: Finish in class review WS's
Social Studies: Finish NewsELA and post it on the classroom assignment
English: Adjective WS
Vocab: Test Friday

Math: Fraction to Decimal WS in packet
Social Studies: Finish West Region Map; Geography Spin WS
Vocab: Test Friday

Math: Fraction to decimal  WS in packet (PQA FOR EXPLAINING PART); Unit Test on all packets of Fractions March 9th
Social Studies: Land and Water PQA (4 questions...don't forget the one on the back);States quiz Wednesday
Vocab: Test tomorrow