Weekly Homework
September 21st-24th1. 1.Practice spelling words (written test Thursday)
2. Practice sight words (Oral test Thursday)
3. Homework packet due Thursday
4. Two assigned See Saw assignments

September 14th-18th
1. Practice spelling words (written test Friday)
2. Practice sight words (Oral test Friday)
3. Vocabulary Words (Just need to recognize what the word means)
4. Practice reading this week's story (Jack Can) located on second page of homework packet
5. Homework Packet (Passes out on Monday the 14th due back Friday the 18th)
6. Two IXL math assignments. 

September 8-11th
* Practice reading sight words.

*Listen and read to the assigned Raz-Kids story. Complete by Friday. Username and password was sent home last week in the big brown envelope. 

* Complete homework packet that was sent home. Please return it completed by Friday. Thank you.

Homework packet-Handed out on Monday return on Friday. Starts the Tuesday after Labor Day and continues throughout the year.

Practice sight /vocabulary/spelling words nightly. All words can be found in the weekly newsletter.

Addition/Subtraction facts should be practiced nightly throughout the year. The newsletter will inform you of which facts we will be focusing on each particular week.