First Grade News

November 9th-13th


Parent conferences will be on Zoom this year on November 24th.They will be held virtually via Zoom. More details to follow.

Report cards go home on the 19th. Please send back the empty envelope signed.

Reminder.. Homework packet and all online assignments are due by Friday of each week.

*Questions contact me through See Saw or

** We will be going out to recess for snack and recess daily. Please dress your child for each days weather.


September 21st-24th

The children did a great job on last week's test. We completed the reading test together but this week I will read the test  and the children will pick the answers themselves.

Thursday is Pediatric Cancer Day and we will have a dress down day for $1.

No school for the students on Friday the 24th. teachers have a PD Day.

September 14,2020

*Weekly homework  this week Check newsletter or homework tab.

*Reminder : School pictures are on September 16th. The children may wear their dress clothes.(not uniform)

August 31st

Our first week of first grade is in the books! The children did a good job wearing their masks and we continue to practice our new covid rules. 

Just a few reminders...
*Please send your child with an extra mask daily.

*Friday is an early dismissal (11:30) We will NOT have lunch however please send your child with a snack.

Welcome to First Grade!
Mrs. Zawaski
Room 114

Welcome to first grade and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher. I am happy to be back in the building and look forward to working with your child.
I will do everything I can to keep your child safe in at school. Please keep in mind that there are many changes to our building and our classroom this year and we ask that you bear with us. We are in the stage of seeing what works and what doesn't work.

Some beginning of the year reminders:
*Please check your child's folder nightly.

*Please label all of your child's belongings.

*If you send any kind of money please put it in a labeled envelope with your child's name.

*Please return the information sheet that was sent home. It is important that I have your current email and phone number.

We will have a combination of written, computer and
study homework. I will send a homework packet home on Monday and it is due back by Friday. Since we want to get the children  familiar with our computer platforms we also will be assigning tasks each week to complete. The children will also have their weekly word list to study. All homework will be listed on the Monday weekly newsletter.

*Classroom Rules-
Students are expected to follow some basic rules like raising their hand, being respectful,taking turns, keeping hands and feet to themselves, listening and following directions. By following class rules, being kind to each other and trying their best in class they will receive a star on my chart at the end of the day. After they receive a certain number of stars (It will very as they year progresses) they will get to pick a special treat and get a positive note home. 

Scholastic Book Club-
If you are interested in ordering from scholastic go to Our class activation code is

Thank you
Mrs. Zawaski

*If you have any questions/concerns please email me at