Announcements and Daily Homework

Welcome to 2nd Grade, Room 112

SCIENCE - Today, students are bringing home their Animal Kingdom packet and note taking project we've made together at school.  These papers should be used as the study guide for the Animal Kingdom test.  The test is next Friday, Jan. 31st.  The test will include all vocabulary words, differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, differences between warm and cold blooded animals, and distinguishing between behavioral and structural adaptations animals use to survive.  We will continue to review in class together using several different games, but students should use this week with no spelling list or fluency passage to focus on preparing for this Science test by studying a little bit each night.

The weekly fluency passage should be read each night.  Two of the readings need to be timed by a parent for one minute.  Record how many words they read in one minute, minus any mistakes, to get their rate of fluency.   They do not have to read all the words in the story in one minute.  The purpose of nightly fluency is to try to gradually increase their rate of fluency and correct or reduce the number of errors so reading aloud begins to sound just like talking. Students should also complete the second page of questions/tasks that go along with the passage they are reading.  Return the completed Fluency work to school each Friday.  

There are 15 spelling words and 5 high frequency words each week.  The students will also be tested on 10 additional "new pattern" words that they did not study but will have to apply to spelling pattern that was practiced during the weekly list to this set of new words.  

Students can choose any activities from the menu that total 5 points to complete in their spelling journal.  If they choose a game or some activity that is not "written" please write what they did for that activity and include a parent signature in their spelling journal. 

Loose pieces of paper with spelling work not in their spelling journal will not be accepted and homework will be recorded as incomplete.   All 3 activities must be complete to receive credit. The 15 pattern words will count for 70% of their grade, the 10 New Pattern words count for 20% and homework will count for 10%.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Room 112! Moving from 1st grade to 2nd grade is a big adjustment! The children are becoming more independent – packing their own backpacks, remembering lunches, homework, Gym days (Tuesday and Friday) and Library (Thursday), etc. However…they still need your guidance! I have very high expectations for the students to gain independence and become more responsible with completing written homework and nightly reading assignments, being aware of what they need to be prepared for school each day, and being accountable for their own behavior.

The following are policies and procedures parents should be aware of to keep our class running smoothly and help all the children be successful:

HOME FOLDER/ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK – both of these go home every night and are to come back every morning.  Look through both nightly, but let your child be in charge of these.  On Thursdays, their Test Folder will come home with any tests, quizzes, homework or projects that I took a grade on and will be part of their average in each subject.  Please make sure that you look over their work.  This weekly folder will give you a good picture of how your child is progressing in different subjects, what they are doing well in, and where they need to spend more time studying and preparing for tests.  Please sign the Thursday Folder and return it to school on Friday.

HOMEWORK – is to be completed each evening and returned the next day. Students write down assignments in their Assignment Notebook each day.  Homework assignments are meant to reinforce subject matter taught in class and give me a good idea of whether students have understood material or need extra attention. You should plan on nightly Reading Fluency passages, spelling activities, and either a math worksheet or practicing math addition and subtraction facts.  Missing or late homework or projects will be reflected in their grade.

If your child is absent due to illness, he/she is responsible to make up any assignments missed in class or for homework.  They will be given a few days to make up the work.  Missed work due to vacations are handled differently; please contact me directly as the need arises.

PAPERWORK, NOTES, ETC. – if you need to send money back to school (lunch orders, book orders, TRIP), please put the money IN AN ENVELOPE with your child’s name and what the money is for.  Please DO NOT send loose money in their backpack.



DISCIPLINE POLICY – We use a clip chart similar to what the students had in First Grade.  Everyone begins each day with their clip on Ready to Learn.  Following classroom rules and exhibiting positive behavior results in students moving their clips up through Good Day, Great Job, and Outstanding.  If they are not following classroom rules they will move their clip down the chart through Think About It, Teacher’s Choice or Parent Contact.  Our class rules are:

I can raise your hand for a turn.       

I can be kind to others.           

I can help keep our classroom clean.      

I can follow directions quickly.             

I can do my best work

You can find the daily behavior log in your child’s home folder and see what kind of day they had. If there is a Parent Contact card in their folder, it will explain the discipline problem your child is having at school so you are aware. The card needs to be signed and returned to school the next day.

ABSENCES & TARDIES – school begins at 8 a.m. Your child should be in our classroom, prepared for the day with their folder or books, homework and lunch box by 8:10 or they will be considered tardy. Please call the office by 8:30 a.m. to report your child’s absence.  Upon his/her return, a note is required to explain the absence. 

BIRTHDAYS – students are welcome to bring in non-food items for their classmates.  These might include pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS – this is an easy and inexpensive way to build your child’s own personal library.  We also earn points for our classroom orders.  You can order online at  Our class activation code is . MDJ88

CLASS WEBSITE – Announcements and nightly homework can be found on SCA’s website under teacher pages. You can email me directly by writing to You can access our school website at

Second Grade is a busy, exciting year full of new challenges as well as two Religious Sacraments.  I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

Mrs. Otto


* The Daily Behavior Chart should stay inside your child's folder, do not remove it.  Each week they will get a new chart.
* Remember to send your child with a small, healthy snack each day to eat in the morning, even Tuesdays when they have Hot Lunch.
* We have gym on Tuesdays and Fridays, Library is on Thursday.