Announcements and Daily Homework



MATH: We are working on telling time and counting money.

READING: Our story is "Akiak".  It is a realistic fiction story about an Alaskan Husky dog running the Iditarod Race.  The Language Arts focus in on Fact/Opinion and the Grammar focus in on creating possessive nouns by using an 's or s'.

Fluency Passage - 
This is nightly reading homework.
Follow these steps: 
They read the whole passage silently to themselves.
2. Then an adult times them reading it aloud for one minute. They do not need to read all the way through in one minute.  The goal is to increase speed over time, build comprehension and for their reading to become more fluent like talking.
3. Record the number of words read in one minute, minus any mistakes.
4. Next reread the passage together with an adult or older sibling, clarify any difficult word meanings or pronunciations. It is helpful for someone to model how the reading should sound.
5. Finally, answer at least 2 questions on the back page each night.  All questions and directions should be completed by Friday.
 * The binder, with their passage and completed questions, are due on Friday.

RELIGION: In Chapter 10 we begin learning the part of the Mass, starting with the Liturgy of the Word.

SPELLING:  This week's list focuses on the long O sound made by pairing OA, OE, O_E.

Study the 10 pattern words and the 5 word wall words.  They will also be given 10 new pattern words to spell. The regular list words count toward 75 percent of their grade, 20 percent of their grade will be from the new pattern words, and 5 percent of their grade will come from their weekly homework assignments.

* The Daily Behavior Chart should stay inside your child's folder, do not remove it.  Each week they will get a new chart.
* Remember to send your child with a small, healthy snack each day to eat in the morning, even Tuesdays when they have Hot Lunch.
* We have gym on Mondays and Fridays, Library is on Thursday.