Unit Overviews

7th L.A.:
Our November unit focuses on Descriptive and Narrative Writing. Students will implement sensory language, effectively use and understand adjectives and adverbs, and compose short narratives. Our final project for the unit is entitled "40 Things," in which students will construct a free verse poem/writing piece describing the things they are thankful for and that make them unique. All handouts and notes will be posted on Google Classroom. Final poems due Friday 11/20

8th L.A.: 
Our November unit will focus on a mixture of descriptive writing and grammar skills. Descriptive writing portions will allow students to tap into their creativity, implement higher level transition words, and focus on style and structure of narratives. Our grammar portion will be aimed at preparing students for the upcoming high school entrance exams and pertinent skills on the test.  Notes for the entire unit are on GC entitled "Grammar and Writing Notes for November", along work documents and due dates as they are each assigned. Final writes due Friday 11/20

8th Religion:
Mass reports are due the Tuesday after Sunday mass. These are counted for a grade, as well as part of the 8th grade Confirmation preparation. This week (11/16-11/20) students will begin Chapter 3 of the Confirmation, exploring the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Book pages are to be read independently, while following the guided notes posted on our slides (posted on GC).  It is essential for students to take notes as each section of the book has a test, as well as the Catholic Beliefs test that encompasses the entire Confirmation and faith history.

8th Social Studies:
please see Ms. Ippolito's page

8th Vocab: 
Vocab units will typically span 2 weeks, with starting a new unit on Monday, correcting pages the following Wednesday, and testing the following Thursday.

Unit 5 begins Wednesday 11/11. Workbook pages due Wednesday 11/18. Test Friday 11/20.