Unit Overviews

7th L.A.:
Students first English unit will focus on the summer reading of Port Chicago 50. We will begin with a review utilizing a question packet to jog student comprehension of the book. Upon completion of the packet, students will take notes to guide them in writing their first Persuasive (textual-evidence based) essay.  Students will be provided a rubric and detailed notes, as well as teacher feedback and conferencing, throughout the process. All handouts and notes will be posted on Google Classroom.

8th L.A.: 
8th grade's first English unit will be argumentative and persuasive writing. We will begin with focused quick writes in which students are challenged to hone in on particular writing and grammar skills, as opposed to concentrating on length of essays. This will prompt students to write with a purpose and intentionally.  We will continue the unit examining TED talks, political speeches, advertisements/ social media impacts, and how the world around us influences our beliefs and decisions. Students will end the unit constructing their own influential propoganda and constructing a short persuasive essay.

8th Religion:
Ch. 3 in Blest Are We- notes/ vocabulary 9/17; chapter review; journals; Test Thursday 9/24

8th Social Studies:
please see Ms. Ippolito's page

8th Vocab: 
Vocab units will typically span 2 weeks, with starting a new unit on Monday, correcting pages the following Wednesday, and testing the following Thursday.

Unit 2 began Monday 9/14. Workbook pages due Wednesday 9/23. Test Thursday 9/24.