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Monday, Nov. 12
7th: 2 stanzas of poem due tomorrow

Tuesday, Nov 13

Wednesday, Nov. 14

7th: phrases and clauses quiz tomorrow
Vocab: Unit 4 test tomorrow; extra credit cards due

Thursday, Nov. 15
7th: drafts of poems due tomorrow

Friday, Nov. 16
7th: final draft of poem due Tuesday via Google Classroom
8th: grammar packets due Tuesday

 Monday, Oct. 29
8th: 2 credible pieces of evidence cited on outline

Tuesday, Oct. 30
8th: drafts of body paragraphs due at end of class Wednesday
SS: workbook page 9
7th: finish "mood analysis" questions

Wednesday, Oct. 31
Happy Halloween- no homework!

Thursday, Nov.1
8th: intro due tomorrow

Friday, Nov. 2
8th: draft of essay due by 5pm for teacher review/ feedback

 Monday, Oct. 22
7th: quiz tomorrow- direct and indirect objects, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions
8th: brainstorm a topic for persuasive writing essay
Vocab: study for Unit 1-3 review

Tuesday, Oct. 23
8th: quiz tomorrow- ethos, pathos, logos, and persuasive techniques
SS: quiz tomorrow- use Government and Constitution note packet to review

Wednesday, Oct. 4
8th: topic proposal (intro portion) of Outline on Google Classroom due tomorrow

Thursday, Oct. 25
8th outline due Monday

Friday, Oct. 26
Vocab: Unit 1-3 test Monday

 Monday, Oct. 15
8th: ethos, pathos, logos packet- last page on back can be completed for extra credit
Spanish: core practice pg 35

Tuesday, Oct. 16
Vocab: pg 42-43, 44, 47 due tomorrow

Wednesday, Oct. 17
7th: finish pg 123 Ex 3, Review A pg 124
8th:  Ad analysis brainstorm sheet
Vocab: word groups organizer from class

Thursday, Oct. 18
8th: Ad creation due tomorrow, along with written portion
7th: grammar quiz tomorrow

Friday, Oct. 19


Tuesday, Oct. 9
Vocab: unit 3 crossword due tomorrow
7th: none
8th: none

Wednesday, Oct. 10

Thursday, Oct. 11

Friday, Oct. 12

 Monday, Oct. 1
7th: 3rd body paragraph due- no citations need. Please see Classroom for notes
8th: none

Tuesday, Oct. 2
7th: introduction paragraph due tomorrow
Vocab: Unit 3 workbook pages due tomorrow

Wednesday, Oct. 3
7th: rough draft of compare/ contrast essay due tomorrow
Vocab: Unit 3 test and extra credit cards tomorrow

Thursday, Oct. 4

Friday, Oct.5

 Monday, Sept. 24
8th: none- presentations finished tomorrow
7th: body paragraph 1 due tomorrow

Tuesday, Sept. 25
SS: American Revolution test tomorrow
Vocab: Unit 2 extension activity due tomorrow

Wednesday, Sept. 26

Thursday, Sept. 27

Friday, Sept. 28
7th: work on 3rd body paragraph- similarities of both topics for compare/contrast essay. No quote needed for 3rd paragraph
8th: students that missed class today will need to make-up the article assignment, along with objective summary and key details worksheet

Monday, Sept. 17

8th: work on PPT and oral presentation
7th: finish thesis statement and Venn Diagram
SS: finish American Revolution analysis questions

Tuesday, Sept. 18
8th: oral presentations begin tomorrow; PPT due
7th: find 3 sources for source sheet
Vocab: Unit 2 workbook due tomorrow

Wednesday, Sept. 19
Vocab: Unit 2 vocab test tomorrow; extra credit cards due before test
7th: intro paragraph due tomorrow

Thursday, Sept. 20

Friday, Sept. 21

 Monday, Sept.10
7th: Exercise 3 pg 337- answers only
8th: gray- none; white- finish assigned portion as individually directed by Mrs. Gordon during class

Tuesday, Sept. 11
8th: country essay rough draft due tomorrow- do not need to print

Wednesday, Sept. 12
7th: none
8th: work on drafts of essays
Vocab: work on Unit 2- due next Wednesday, 9/19

Thursday, Sept. 13

Friday, Sept. 14
final draft of Country essay due Monday- printed before class!