Teachers in grades 5-8 are now posting their homework to the following website:

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For March 16-20 E-learning- please see "Announcements" for schedule of assignments &  "Happenings This Week" tab for more details on work assigned.  I will be available via email from 10AM-5PM Monday-Friday.

Religion; Lenten promise board due tomorrow

Religion: Ch 6 assignment due tomorrow
7th: work on research paper

SS: WWI test tomorrow
7th: Works Cited due tomorrow (most completed in class)

7th- rough drafts of essays due tomorrow
8th: Act II test tomorrow

8th: Act II student workbook pages due Tuesday

 Tuesday 2/18/20
7th English: notecards 5 & 6 due tomorrow
vocab: unit 10 workbook pages due tomorrow

Wednesday 2/19/20
8th English: annotations for scene 6 & 7 due tomorrow
7th Eng: work on intro rough draft; edit thesis if need be
Vocab: unit 10 test tomorrow

Thursday 2/20/20

Friday 2/21/20

 Monday 2/3/20
7th English: outline (capital letters only) and working thesis due Wednesday
vocab: Unit 10  due 2/12

Tuesday 2/4/20
Religion: assignments 3 & 4 for Confirmation book due Tuesday 2/11

Wednesday 2/5/20

Thursday 2/6/20

Friday 2/7/20

 Monday 9/16

Tuesday 9/17
Vocab: Unit 2 workbook pages due tomorrow
7th LA: subject and verb, sentence structure quiz tomorrow

Wednesday 9/18
Vocab: Unit 2 test tomorrow

Thursday 9/19
Vocab: unit 2 extension due tomorrow

Friday 9/20

 Tuesday, Sept.3

Wednesday, Sept. 4
7th: 2nd paragraph due tomorrow
Vocab: Unit 1 test tomorrow

Thursday, Sept. 5
8th: draft of essay due Monday
Vocab: Unit 1 story due Friday by 4pm

Friday, Sept. 6
7th: 3rd paragraph due Monday