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Week of 10/13-10/16
7th: complete news article with proper citations by end of class Wednesday; supplemental articles (cover page/ad) due Friday 10/16
8th: complete intro and 1st body by Thursday; Thursday in class we will complete all body paragraph writing and begin conclusion; editing for citations (see notes on GC)
Vocab: Unit 4 begins Wednesday; workbook pages due 10/21

Week of 10/5-10/9

7th English: complete brainstorm sheet "planning a feature article" either in class or for homework (also posted on GC)
8th: source outline sheet due by Thursday
Vocab: Unit 3 workbook pages due Wednesday, 10/7; test Thursday 10/8; extension due 10/8

Week of 9/28-10/2

7th English: Sherlock Holmes and the Midnight Killer questions due Wednesday
8th English: 3 credible sources identified on outline (GC); 2 outline topic sections completed by Friday
Vocabulary: Unit 3 begins; workbook due 10/7; test 10/8; extension due 10/9
Religion: crossword submitted; Ch. 4 notes due in class; mass report 3

Week of 9/21-9/24
7th English: final essay printed due 9/23 8th English: TED talks analysis 9/22; Propaganda and presentation 9/22 Vocabulary: Unit 2 begins; workbook due 9/23; test 9/24; extension due 9/24 Religion: Notes due in class; Chapter 3 review due Wednesday 9/23; test 9/24

Week of 9/14-9/18 7th English: drafts of essay due 9/16 end of class; conclusion and peer editing 9/18; final essay printed due 9/23 8th English: 9/11 film study; quick write peer edits; punctuation practice; TED talks analysis; ad analysis Vocabulary: Unit 2 begins; workbook due 9/23; test 9/24; extension due 9/24 Religion: Ch. 3 Blest Are We: journals, vocabulary and notes in class; test 9/24
Week of 8/31-9/4
 7th English:
Port Chicago 50 Questions due Friday 9/4
 8th English:
 Vocab: Unit 1 workbook pages due 9/9. Test 9/10. Story submitted via Classroom 9/11
 Religion: Ch. 1 review due Thurs 8/3.  6 panel symbolism chart due Thursday 8/3