Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
Presentations of research papers continue this week. Rubrics were distributed and posted on Google Classroom- must be turned in at time of speech.  Students also received graded research papers back.  If the assignment grade was an 85% or below, students may make the necessary edits and re-submit by Friday, May 18th for a revised grade (resubmissions will not total over 85%, as to ensure fairness).  An extra credit assignment will also be posted on Google Classroom for anyone looking to boost their grade.

7th Social Studies:
American Heroes Project:  Students worked with a partner to research an American Hero and present information to the class.  Presentations begin Tuesday and will continue throughout the week.  Rubrics posted and distributed.

7th Vocab: 
Unit 11 begins Wednesday, May 16th.  Extra credit flashcards and workbook pages due Wednesday, May 23.  Test is Thursday, May 24th in computer class.  

8th L.A.:

Final draft of research paper, typed and printed, due Friday, May 11th.  Speech presentations of paper, accompanied by PPT, will begin Friday and continue through next week.