Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
In this 5 week unit, students will be working in groups creating their own original newspaper.  Newspapers will be centered around a theme and each writer is responsible for one main (expository/ research based) article and one minor (creative) article. The goal of this unit is demonstrate competency in writing of the major types we have covered this year thus far, along with collaborative work skills, formal speech presentations, and integrating technology and writing.

7th Social Studies:
We continue our work with the branches of Illinois government.  The State test will take place on Wednesday, March 20.  Study guides were provided to students in January (bottom half sheet from Federal Constitution), as well as a study guide and outlined provided in their student workbooks. 

7th Vocab: 
Unit 10 workbook pages- due Wednesday, Mar. 19
Extra credit worksheet (new for this unit) and test- Thursday, Mar. 20
Spelling test & extension activity- Friday, Mar. 21

8th L.A.: 

In this unit leading up to spring break, 8th grade will be conducting a short research project on urban myths/ legends/ mythology.  Students will each compose a 2-3 research paper with 3 sources on their myth (in class handout provided, as well as posted on classroom).  In addition, they will create an interactive poster via Glogster and then present to the class. This unit focuses on concepts of research based writing, analytical response, incorporation of digital media, and public speaking.