Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
7th grade is working on a 7 week research paper unit.  Students have been given a handout with due dates of every step of the paper from the beginning to the final submission.  Requirements are also outlined on the back of the sheet.  Each day, students will take notes on a section of the writing process, work independently on their research and writing, and have one-on-one conferences with the teacher to ensure they are on track and getting effective feedback to aide in their writing process.

8th Religion:
Students are currently working  on the elements of Confirmation through their Confirmation textbooks.  Students will complete study guides and be quizzed on material bi-weekly.  We will also be practicing for Living Stations of the Cross.  Students need neutral colored sheets to wear toga-style (white, tan, beige, light pink, gray) along with sandals. Living Stations will be held during school hours and after school on Friday, March 13th.
Students are still required to complete weekly Sunday Mass reflections in preparation for Confirmation. 

8th Vocab: 
Unit 10 workbook pages 2/12
Test: Thursday 2/13
Extension- 2/13

8th L.A.: 

Our Shakespeare unit of Macbeth will span February- March.  Students received their own books to annotate and read.  We will be acting out the play in class, as well as watching the BBC version of the play upon completion of each act to help aide in comprehension.  Students are required to have a binder for this unit to keep all handouts and activities organized.