Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
Students will be covering their summer reading of The Port Chicago 50 for the first couple weeks. They will start with review questions in groups and then begin writing their first expository paper.

8th Religion:
Students will be using a mixture of the religion textbook and Confirmation booklet for the 1st trimester.  Students are also required to complete weekly Sunday Mass reflections in preparation for Confirmation. 

8th Vocab: 
Unit 1 workbook pages due 9/4
Test: Friday 9/6
Extension- story using 20 words due Friday 9/6

8th L.A.: 

Students will begin the year with a collaborative research paper.  Each pairing will select a country to research culture, geography, history, economics, etc.  As partners, they will learn to work effectively to produce one cohesive paper, develop research skills, and improve sentence structure and word choice in writing.  Upon turning paper in, students will create a PowerPoint presentation and use oral delivery skills to present findings to class.