Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
Expository writing is our focus this month.  Students will be constructing multiple explanatory essays on various topics each week.  The goal is to develop ideas clearly in a structured time frame.  Each week will build upon the previous in terms on length, as well as have a specific goal to be assessed.  This week we are creating an expository based newspaper.  Students are to write an informative article (must be true events) as the main cover, and also include two sub-topics.  These parts may be creative: weather report, advertisement (something to go along with theme of newspaper).

7th Social Studies:
As we continue studying the Constitution, we are focusing on the Bill of Rights this week.  Tuesday we formulated debate proposals and presented mini-debates.  Wednesday there is a short quiz on the Bill of Rights/ 10 Amendments, in which students should use their class guided notes to study.  We will continue the week with a non-fiction article and Constitution blue book.

7th Vocab: Unit 6 extra credit cards and the workbook unit pages are due Friday, Jan. 19th.  The unit test will be Thursday, Jan. 25th.  In between that time, students will be given a supplemental activity to complete focusing on the unit. Spelling test will be Wednesday, Jan. 24th.

8th L.A.:

We begin our reading of Shakespeare unit of Romeo and Juliet.  Throughout this unit, students will examine Shakespeare's life, read, act, and analyze the text of Romeo and Juliet, as well as craft multiple pieces of writing.  Students are advised to have a binder for all R&J materials, as many high schools study this as well, and it will also help keep them organized for paper writing and quizzes throughout.  This week we are focusing on Act I: close reading skills and practicing verbalizing Shakespeare's language.  In conjunction, we are also going to begin an essay for Catholic Schools week.