Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
This week will will be concentrating on the various forms of adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions (comparative, superlative, intensifiers).  Students will take their notes and knowledge and apply it into a Thanksgiving style poem.  We are also conducting peer edits for 4th grade students- 7th grade will be visiting the 4th grade classroom to help edit and provide feedback to students for their writing process.

7th Social Studies:
We begin Trimester 2 with a "Weighing of the Evidence: The Boston Massacre."  Here, students are given multiple forms of evidence they must rank as strong or weak, explaining why.  The objective focuses on students' ability to assess textual evidence, construct independent analyses through written support, and build argument claims.  We will continue each day with our "History in Pictures" in which students must guess the historical picture and we then have a few minute mini-lesson on the topic presented.

7th Vocab: As a 7th grade incentive, for those students that did not receive any detentions for first trimester, students were exempt from the Unit 4 test and received an automatic 100%.  Those that need to test will do so this Thursday, Nov. 16 in computers class.  We will begin the workbook pages for Unit 5 in class Wednesday and continue on Friday.  The test will be on Thursday, Nov. 30.

8th L.A.:

We are beginning to write an Expository essay on a student's chosen topic (must be approved by teacher during brainstorm day).  Through this paper, students will focus on transitional elements, formation of complex sentences, and MLA format. We will continue to cover higher levels of punctuation, such as commas, semi-colons, dashes, and apostrophes that will help in both the high school entrance exam and Aspire testing.