7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
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Hello SCA Families! As of Monday, January 27th, I returned from my maternity leave.  I am looking forward to resuming teaching the 7th and 8th grade students and all the fun and excitement this second half of the school year brings.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via

As a reminder, all parents that all volunteer, including chaperones, must in compliance with Archdiocesan Protecting God's Children Requirements. Virtus training is much more plentiful at this time of year so, if you haven't taken Virtus and plan to volunteer at any point, this would be the time to take it.  The links are below.  It is also available on the website under "Protecting Children".   ALL SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS Virtus Training & Criminal Background Check


Register under: St Catherine-Alexandria School (Oak Lawn)

Roles: Volunteer

Background check now completed through Virtus site. If you receive an email that a background check has been prompted, you MUST log in to your Virtus account for it to be completed.

If you have completed Virtus but have not completed a background check, please contact Mrs. Kehoe Virtus. You must stay current with monthly bulletins that are emailed to you.

Mandated Reporter Training Certificate can be emailed to Mrs. Kehoe directly from the site.

 Grade Weights:
     Tests 40%
     Quizzes  25%
     Classwork/ Projects   15%
     Homework 10%
     Participation 10%

Throughout the year, students will develop writing styles at a mastery level. They will be expected to write many different genres of writing such as: expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive. MLA style will be taught and used for all writing assignments. Students will be expected to complete a major writing assignment every month. 

In this class, students will be challenged to write routinely and with rigor.  Each unit will focus on a different genre of writing, that will be aligned to a rubric provided at the start of each new paper.  We will also be working in our Language Arts textbook to focus on necessary grammar skills that will help students become proficient readers, writers, and speakers.

***PowerPoints, notes, rubrics, and any other class documents can be accessed at our Google Classroom pages.***