**All assignments listed are due the next day.

***Some textbooks may be needed for homework.  Please do not write in the textbooks.  Please keep the textbooks away from snacks, food items, siblings, and water bottles.  Three book socks are needed to cover the math, grammar, and social studies textbooks.Thank you for your cooperation.

**Unfinished class work may be added as homework.  The students are aware of this when the assignments are discussed at the end of the day.


**Vocabulary Test Practice:  Please check out the website https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com   (Click on the green book.) for word practice.

____________________________________________________________________________________ Scholastic Book Order Class Code:  GPQ8X

  • Week of May 20 - May 24

    **Extra Credit:  There are ixl activities offered for extra credit in science and social studies. All sections (Science-S1-S9; T1) must be completed with a passing score of at least 80%. The extra credit ends Wednesday, May 22.

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Tuesday.

    -Reading:  Test on Unit 15 vocabulary words + analogies on Tuesday, May 21.  Practice fluency selection-due Tuesday.

    *Children may wear their gym uniforms every day.

     -Reading:  Essay due Wednesday, if not finished in class.

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Wednesday.

    -Science:  Wednesday, 5/22, is the last day for extra credit S1-S9.  **All sections must be completed with a passing score of at least 80%.

    -SS: Wednesday is the last day for extra credit. [T1-under the Science section on ixl.] States/capitals matching test on Wednesday. [Scoring for this test is:  10-19 correct-8 pts; 20-29 correct-8.5 pts; 30-39 correct-9 pts; 40-49 correct-9.5 pts; 50 correct-10 pts.]  Also review basic information:  name of our country's and state's capital; name of our state, country, and continent, and oceans/countries that border our country.


    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Thursday.
  • -Science/SS:  Last day for extra credit on ixl (S1-S9; T1)

    *Please bring the colored pencils from your art kit for an activity on Thursday.

    **Field Day


    -12 p.m. dismissal
    -FSA hot dog lunch


    -Topics covered in class last week:
  • Transformations, coordinates on a graph, symmetry, congruent and similar shapes
  • Review of multiplication with regrouping
  • Capitalization and punctuation review
  • Writing topic sentences and narratives
  • Reading strategies-citing text evidence, process of elimination, finding the main idea
  • Potential and kinetic energy
  • Four marks of the church
  • Oregon Trail