**All assignments listed are due the next day.

***Some textbooks may be needed for homework.  Please do not write in the textbooks.  Please keep the textbooks away from snacks, food items, siblings, and water bottles.  Book socks are needed to cover the math, grammar, social studies, and 2 reading textbooks.Thank you for your cooperation.

**Unfinished class work may be added as homework.  The students are aware of this when the assignments are discussed at the end of the day.


**Vocabulary Test Practice:  Please check out the website https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com   (Click on the green book.) for word practice.


    Week of October 26 - October 30

    ***The continents/oceans matching retest is tomorrow.  (optional)

    English:  Review special plural nouns; singular vs. plural nouns for Tuesday

    Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Tuesday.  Practice subtraction facts to 20.

    SS: Review intermediate directions by Wednesday.  Complete Google Classroom practice activity.

    Reading:  Unit 4 Vocabulary test on Thursday


    Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Wednesday. Practice subtraction facts.

    SS:  Review intermediate directions for Wednesday.  

    Reading:  Unit 4 Vocabulary test on Thursday


    Reading:  Unit 4 Vocabulary test on Thursday

    Math:  Any work not completed in class is due Thursday.  

    English:  Review singular and plural possessive nouns for Thursday

    Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Friday.  

    Religion:  Chapter 6 Review  pp.105/106 due Friday

    Reading:  Reread "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" pp.22-27 in the Storyworks, Jr. magazine.  **Please remember to place the magazine back in your portfolio.


    *Halloween activities today!  (Please read earlier Charger Check-In for Halloween guidelines this year.)

    Math:  Please continue to practice subtraction facts.

    Topics covered in class last week:
    -English:  possessive nouns

    -Math:  two-digit and three-digit addition

    -Reading:  citing text evidence; inference; identifying the main idea and supporting details; using text features to increase comprehension

    -SS:  natural resources, Great Lakes, U.S.  mountain chains

    -Science:  Life Cycles

    -Religion:  Original Sin