**All assignments listed are due the next day.

***Some textbooks may be needed for homework.  Please do not write in the textbooks.  Please keep the textbooks away from snacks, food items, siblings, and water bottles.  Three book socks are needed to cover the math, grammar, and social studies textbooks.Thank you for your cooperation.

**Unfinished class work may be added as homework.  The students are aware of this when the assignments are discussed at the end of the day.


**Vocabulary Test Practice:  Please check out the website https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com   (Click on the green book.) for word practice.

____________________________________________________________________________________ Scholastic Book Order Class Code:  GPQ8X

Week of February 24- February 28

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Tuesday.

    -Science:  Test on Unit E on Tuesday. [Study Guide:  Review vocabulary sheet given last Friday.  Review animal adaptations sheet (camouflage, chemical defense, escape, avoidance, special weapons, playing dead; bird beaks).]


     -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Wednesday. 

    -Spelling:  Pretest on Unit 11 words on Wednesday.  Write words once in cursive + 1 sentence.  The sentence should have an adjective and an adverb.

    -English:  Review there, they're, and their.

    -Science:  Check at home for items for activity. (See Thursday's entry.)  Let classmates know Wednesday if certain items (strawberry, funnel) may be needed.  I have some extra funnels.

    -Reading:  Practice new fluency selection. (Due next Thursday, March 5.)  Questions due Thursday, if not finished in class.

    -Math: Any work not finished in class is due Thursday.


    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Friday.

    -Spelling:  Retest on Unit 11 words Friday,  if needed.

     -Reading:  Unit 11 vocabulary pages are due Friday, if not finished in class.

    -Science:  Bring items for activity. [1 strawberry, 1 small plastic bag (like a sandwich bag) that closes, 1 glass container or drinking glass, 1 medium sized funnel.] ** We will check with classmates to see who may have extra items. 

    -Math:  Practice concepts presented in class on ixl.  (**ixl questions are very helpful in preparing your child for the Aspire tests.  Please practice Section W (1-4; 9-15; 16-21;  Section Y (1,2,3,6,10,11,12); Section X (1-5; 6-10). 

    -Planning Ahead:
    -English:  Test on Pronouns Unit 6) on Tuesday.


    -Six Flags reading  (optional) **[Please note that the program has changed. Parents are now asked to enter their child's reading information directly online.  There is no more teacher involvement. If the information is entered by the deadline, Six Flags will send the ticket to the school in May.] **Please complete by March 31.




    Topics covered last week:
    -Properties of quadrilaterals; types of lines; properties of a polygon
    -Identifying and writing with pronouns
    -Endangered animals; animal adaptations
    -The history of western settlement-San Francisco
    -Science:  Roles of living things; types of consumers; food chains and food webs; predator/prey
    -Parts of the Mass
    -Writing a narrative