D.A.R.E. Report

1 page, typed

Full name and Homeroom Teacher’s name – Upper left corner

Assignment found on D.A.R.E Workbook pg. 23

** Final Copy due 11/19 **

  Things we have learned

  • Safe and Responsible Choices

  • Decision-Making Model

  • Alcohol and Tobacco Facts

  • Risk and Consequences

  • Peer Pressure

  • Handling Stress

  • Confident Communication

  • Nonverbal Communication

  • Listening

(From pg. 23 of the D.A.R.E. workbook)

This is the time for you to review your D.A.R.E. notes and to think about all the things you have learned in D.A.R.E. Take a few minutes to look through your D.A.R.E. Planner and to read your Journal Entries. Think of the things your officer has taught you and what you have learned about being safe and responsible. Think about what you have learned to make safe and responsible decisions for yourself. You have learned a lot!

Now, you will be writing a report or essay about your own experiences in D.A.R.E.

Be sure to express your thoughts and ideas:
- What I learned during D.A.R.E.
- How I have used the D.A.R.E. Decision Making Model.
- How I plan to use what I have learned to make safe and responsible choices.

The following guidelines will help you prepare for your D.A.R.E. Report. There are three sections.

Introduction: Start with a great first sentence. Your first sentence should interest your reader so they will want to keep reading. You may want to begin with a thought, a question, or a surprising statement or fact.

Body: Use the topics above to develop three well-organized paragraphs. Give details and specific examples about what you have learned, how you are using those skills, and how you plan to use them in the future.

Conclusion: Summarize or restate your ideas and thoughts. This is a good place to make a personal statement.