Approved Snack List


Due to severe allergies on our floor, please be mindful if you are sending in treats for birthdays or holiday parties. If you are planning on a treat other than the ones listed, please notify me in advance and I will check if it is safe to bring in. Thank you for your cooperation!


PowerSchool Grades

Grades will be posted on PowerSchool weekly. Please make sure to check your child's grades periodically, as PowerSchool and the teacher pages are our main source of communication with parents on assignments.

My grades are point-based rather than percentage-based, so I do not use exact percentages when weighing my grades. However, I do plan assignments so homework/classwork will be slightly less than half the final grade, and tests/quizzes will be slightly more than half.

Late Assignments - I strongly believe in "better late than never," so please encourage your child to complete and hand in any assignments that are missing (even if it's been a while). Partial credit will be accepted, which is always better than a zero when calculating final averages.