Google Classroom Corrections - Posted 3/21/20
Announcement made on Homeroom Google Classroom page:

I know, I know... it's the weekend and I'm still posting an update. However, it is one I'm sure most of you will be very happy to see! I have decided (thanks to the dedication of a couple students), to allow retakes on some assignments. Since Family Life and SS Lesson Reviews are items I would normally take as a completion grade, you can fix your errors to receive FULL credit for the assignment. Even if I gave some of the answers when I sent it back, this is just my way of reviewing the material with you, and all you have to do is fix the errors. You will have to remember to resubmit the assignment in order for me to fix the grade.

Certain assignments that would normally not be a completion grade (i.e. most vocab assignments) can NOT be corrected, so make sure to double-check those before submitting! If I feel it may be unclear if a certain assignment will be allowed corrections, I will make sure to clarify in the description.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to get some fresh air and exercise!

E-Learning Information - Posted 3/14/20 (Happy Pi Day!)

Below is the announcement that went out to my students on their Google Classroom pages:

Good morning students,

I just wanted to give a quick update on our e-learning situation so you know what to expect this next week or two. You will be relieved to know we will not be assigning work for every subject, every day. We have set a schedule for your classes to keep a sense of normalcy during this time as follows:

Mon - Math/Science
Tues - English/Reading
Wed - Math/Science
Thurs - English/Reading
Fri - Vocab/Religion/Social Studies

About 1-2 hours of instruction/work for each core subject can be expected Mon-Thurs, with shorter assignments for our afternoon classes on Friday. We are still figuring out the instruction part (teachers will tentatively be hosting live lessons and recording them for later viewing), and we will provide more information on that when available. This learning situation is just as new to us as it is to you, but we will make the best of it together.

We will be keeping up with grades and Powerschool, so please make sure to keep up on assignments and submit on time. Your teachers will be available to answer questions Mon-Fri from 8-2, so try to find time in that window to complete your work (and enjoy your evenings). I may still be able to respond outside of those working hours, but cannot guarantee I will have access to my email in the evenings.

As a reminder, the google classroom pages are for official use only. They are not a message board or form of social media. Please do not post unnecessarily on the class feeds or their comment sections. Legitimate question/concern posts are welcome.

I will miss seeing all of you each day. Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy this extra time with your families.

- Mr. Stonis

Approved Snack List


Due to severe allergies on our floor, please be mindful if you are sending in treats for birthdays or holiday parties. If you are planning on a treat other than the ones listed, please notify me in advance and I will check if it is safe to bring in. Thank you for your cooperation!


PowerSchool Grades

Grades will be posted on PowerSchool weekly. Please make sure to check your child's grades periodically, as PowerSchool and the teacher pages are our main source of communication with parents on assignments.

My grades are point-based rather than percentage-based, so I do not use exact percentages when weighing my grades. However, I do plan assignments so homework/classwork will be slightly less than half the final grade, and tests/quizzes will be slightly more than half.

Late Assignments - I strongly believe in "better late than never," so please encourage your child to complete and hand in any assignments that are missing (even if it's been a while). Partial credit will be accepted, which is always better than a zero when calculating final averages.