Monday:  December 3.  Page 5 if not finished in class for reading "Author's Point of View".

There will be a reading test on Friday, December 7 on "Island of the Blue Dolphins."  We will be reviewing in class and students should refer to their notes and/or worksheets to review.

There will be a verb test on Friday, December 14.  A study guide will go home on Thursday, December 13. The content will be action verbs, verb tenses, subject/verb agreement, and helping verbs for an action verb. (A verb phrase.)  This will be in addition to the spelling test on Unit 7.


There  will be an upcoming vocabulary test on Friday, December 21 on Unit 7.  The Unit 7 Vocabulary Packet is also due that day.

Due to the many absences I am doing my best to get the students caught up before break.

Wednesday - Out of Uniform for Room 213!

Friday - Out of Uniform - Christmas colors -- 1:00 dismissal

Happy Holidays!!!

Welcome back everyone!  It's great to see those smiling faces again!

This week:  Science Test Thursday, January 10.  Also, on Friday,  January 11 there will be a spelling test on Unit 8 
Vocabulary words.