Monday:  December 3.  Page 5 if not finished in class for reading "Author's Point of View".

There will be a reading test on Friday, December 7 on "Island of the Blue Dolphins."  We will be reviewing in class and students should refer to their notes and/or worksheets to review.

There will be a verb test on Friday, December 14.  A study guide will go home on Thursday, December 13. The content will be action verbs, verb tenses, subject/verb agreement, and helping verbs for an action verb. (A verb phrase.)  This will be in addition to the spelling test on Unit 7.


There will be an upcoming vocabulary test on Friday, December 21 on Unit 7.  The Unit 7 Vocabulary Packet is also due that day.

Due to the many absences, I am doing my best to get the students caught up before break.

Wednesday - Out of Uniform for Room 213!

Friday - Out of Uniform - Christmas colors -- 1:00 dismissal

Happy Holidays!!!

Welcome back, everyone!  It's great to see those smiling faces again!

This week:  Science Test Thursday, January 10.  Also, on Friday,  January 11 there will be a spelling test on Unit 8 
Vocabulary words.

Upcoming work/due dates:

We are still catching up and recovering (!) from last week.  We are having all of the fun things we missed from CSW, and hopefully, there will not be any more bad weather!

Friday:  Reading test on "Mrs. Frisby and the Crow".  Students should review their suffix page, vocabulary page, and the worksheet on cause and effect.  They have read the story three times.  We will be reviewing on Thursday, February 7.

We have completed our unit on the respiratory system, and are moving on to the circulatory system.  Some of the students are already squeamish about things like blood, veins, and arteries.  We will get through, however.

This has been updated.  My last day will actually be  March 8, not March 1.

Monday, February 25:  Vocab Test on Sadlier Website.
Tuesday, February 26 - Science Test on the Circulatory System
 Wednesday - February 27   -  Reading Test on Langston Hughes
We will review extensively for both!

The next 2 weeks:

We will be finishing up Unit 1 in the reading book and moving on to miscellaneous body systems for science.

Once again our wonderful Room 213 students have won the Golden Ticket Award and Monday, February 25 will be a dress down day!!!


I'm not sure if anyone saw my note last week about that being my last week, but this time, the coming week, March 4-8 will really be my last week!  It is with mixed emotions as I have really enjoyed my time here.  SCA is a vibrant school community, and a wonderful environment to work in.    The staff has been extremely kind and helpful to me.  A sincere shout out to Ms. Kirsits for all of her direction when I was not sure what to do to keep things running as smoothly as possible for Mrs. Brown's return.  Thanks, Julie!

That said, to wrap up my time here this week will be as follows:

Reading:  I am going to begin the final lesson in Unit 1 - 
Icarus In Greek mythology, the son of the master craftsman Daedalus - a Greek myth.  I will probably not be able to finish it.

Science - We are looking at various body systems, and doing activities outside of the textbook.  I believe I will be finished with that -- sometimes it's slow going with cutting, gluing and construction projects!

Vocabulary - Vocab Test on Sadlier on Friday.

English - We are finishing up our brochures electronically this week.  We are also learning about adjectives. 

Religion-We are starting Chapter 8.

We will be busy!

Wednesday - March 6 is Ash Wednesday
Don't forget that St. Baldrick's on Friday is thrown into the mix as well!