Week of October 21:

8th Grade -

English: All projects should be presentation ready on Monday, October 21.  After this we will be starting on our research paper on Mysteries!

Vocabulary:  New Unit 5 begins on Monday

Religion:  8th Graders should be memorizing the Apostles Creed as they will need to recite it for me!

Social Studies:  There will be a quiz on Wednesday on what we have done so far on the Civil War.

7th Grade - 

Monday - October 21.  Essays should be peer editing ready.  We will also be going over citations again to be sure they are in the right format.  Read Works is also due!

Week of October 15:

8th Grade -
English:  We will be wrapping up our activities on the Crime Cases on Friday. Next we will be creating a research paper with an interactive presentation to work on myths and legends!  Urban legends too!

Vocabulary: - Unit 4 test on Thursday, extension activities due Friday.  Books will be checked on Wednesday.

Religion:  The students have copied down the Apostles Creed, and are expected to be able to recite it.  We will be working on that, and other content from the packet that was passed out at the meeting.

Social Studies:  This week we will be looking at the causes of the Civil War.  Luke, Joey, Maddie and Ava will be role playing and giving speeches were of the era.
Week of October 6:

8th Grade - 
English:  The students are moving along in their groups investigating whether Lizzie Borden really did take that axe, or investigating who may have been Jack the Ripper.  There are lots of great activities with this to uncover the concepts of tone and bias as well.  LB groups will then argue in court for or against conviction, and JR groups will develop several theories for who he may be.

Vocabulary:  Unit 4 starts Wednesday

Religion:  We have started to discuss Confirmation.  There are due dates that went home in the packet that was picked up at the meeting on October 1.  The next due date is the October 27 Mass of Commitment.

Social Studies:  We have begun our investigation into the antebellum era - before the war and are looking at the lives of various groups in the north and the south.

7th Grade--

IMPORTANT DUE DATES!  The draft of their essays on compare/contrast are due on Monday, October 23.  Peer editing will be done on Thursday.
There is content on Classroom for Read Works.  Also due Monday, the 23rd.

We are continuing the writing of our Compare/Contrast Essay.  The introductory paragraph has been graded, and we are moving on the the body paragraphs.  One step at a time!

Week of September 30
8th Grade--
Last week 8th Grade did a review of grammar  concepts.  We are now moving on from that to our Crime Cases.  Mrs. Gordon was able to group the students--whew!--and some are working on Lizzie Borden and others are working on Jack the Ripper.  This should take about three weeks. We are reading articles, answering questions, and working on graphic organizers.  This is a fun activity that addresses many writing skills and standards.  Hopefully there won't be any bad dreams!

Social Studies -- We are moving on to the study of the Civil War.  This will begin on Tuesday.

The 8th Grade -- Room 208 ONLY -- will be having a religion test on Chapter 3 on Tuesday, October 1
The Vocabulary Test for Unit 3 will be on Thursday, October 3

7th Grade --
We started working on our Compare/Contrast Essays last week.  
The students' introductory paragraph is due on Wednesday, October 2 in Google Classroom.