November 13-17, 2018

Mon. - Trimester 2 Begins. New Incentive Cards will be given. They will be stapled in the assignment notebooks. You may see them any time, because they will go home every day.
Wed. - Report Cards go home.
Thurs. - Wear Blue for Diabetes Dress Down
Fri. - All School Mass
Next Tues. - Parent Teacher Conferences

Students are graded for Tests, Quizzes, Miniquizzes, Written Essays, Homework, DOL, and Projects. Tests, Writing Activities, and Projects are weighted 100 points, Quizzes are 50 points, mini-quizzes are 25 points, and homework is 25 points. DOL (daily oral language) packets are 25 points. 

Grades are published on Power School. I keep them updated regularly.