Science Fair

This year we are competing again in the IJAS Science Fair.  Winners from St. Catherine will compete at the Museum of Science and Industry in 2018.

Science Fair Due Dates
1/8    Experiment Complete (remember to take pictures and record data) Come with your data today and we will start typing it
1/11  2 forms of data (ex. chart & line graph) (we will work on creating these to put in your document at school 1/8-1/11 so please return to school the 8th with the data on paper)
1/17  Conclusion (2 pages) How to write your conclusion

These might not all apply to you.

  • Introduce the experiment in your conclusion.
  • Restate your procedures.
  • Describe what you discovered.
  • Discuss problems, issues, overall experience with your project. Uncertainties, errors.
  • Comment on whether or not your hypothesis is supported.
  • Link your results to your hypothesis.
  • Would you recommend it?
  • How would you change it? Discuss new questions or discoveries that emerged


1/22  Bring completed science fair board & paper What should be on your board

Project Title




Research (shorten it 1 page)

Materials & Procedures & Variables

Data, charts, graphs



Conclusion (shorten it)

Abstract (shrunken copy)

Safety (shrunken copy)

Endorsements (shrunken copy, if you have endorsements)

1/24  Science Fair Judging in Kane Hall 3:00 - 4:30 You must stay until you get judged twice so some may be out earlier Order of Science Fair Paper Put a cover on your paper. Title page Abstract Safety Endorsements (if you have them) Table of Contents Follow the order on Table of contents End with Reference List


2016-2018 Manual of rules & regulations

IJAS Homepage

IJAS Region 2 Homepage

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