Science Fair

Please use the science fair timeline as a guide. This was handed out at the beginning of the year and was also sent via Google Classroom. Students have from Oct. 20th - Jan. 9th to complete their experiment. I suggest doing it sooner rather than later so I can answer questions before Christmas Break. Notes when doing the experiment - Take lots of pictures (these need to be on your science board) - Record data, and lots of it. This can be written by hand -When we return from break, we will make the charts and graphs online. - If you are testing people, you need to test at least 20 - 30 people so don't wait until last minute -If you need class time for this, please talk to me early to arrange a time ******************************************************** When we return from break, we will have 10 class days to finish the science fair; data & results, conclusion, title page, and special sheets. ******************************************************** Science fair will take place January 23rd from 3:00 to 4:30. Everyone presents to 2 judges. Once you are judged twice, you may leave. Results will be presented at mass on Friday, January 25th. The top 6 will have the opportunity to compete in the IJAS Regional Science Fair on Feb. 23rd or Mar. 2nd. ******************************************************** **** I will be selling science fair boards for $6.50. You are more than welcome to purchase on your own and the size must be 36" X 48". It is first come first serve for boards & color. Colors -White -Red -Kelly Green -Yellow **************************************************** What needs to be on the Science Fair Board

Project Title & or Question



Research (shorten it 1 page)

Materials & Procedures & Variables

Data, charts, graphs


Data & Results

Conclusion (shorten it)

Abstract (shrunken copy)

Safety (shrunken copy)

Endorsements (shrunken copy, if you have endorsements)