8th Grade Science

Identify characteristics of living and non-living things
Provide examples of how living things maintain homeostasis
Explore how a raisin maintains homeostasis (lab)
Science Fair ~ Do your experiment 

Scrapbook Due 11/16
Science Fair Updated 11/16
Characteristics of Life Test 11/20 

7th Grade Science
Identify the properties used to describe matter
Describe properties of elements on the periodic table
Science Fair ~ Do your project

Triple Beam Balance & Volume Worksheets Due 11/15
Science Fair Updated 11/16
Water Displacement Lab 11/17
Properties of Matter Worksheet 11/20
Properties of Matter Quiz Part 2   11/20

Social Studies
Chapter 17:  The Civil War

Civil War Test 11/17
Geography Packet 12/8
Geography Quiz 2  12/19


Research Catholic Saints

Saint Paper 12/5
Apostles Creed 12/13
Catholic Belief Test Part 1   12/19


Unit 6

Workbook due 12/5
Spelling Quiz 12/6
Test 12/7